5 Trends to Look Like “Money” in 2018

Nothing compares to putting on a look that makes you feel like a million bucks. This post is geared to helping you achieve effortless “money” looks that screams Leonardo Dicaprio waiting for you on a yacht on the Amalfi coast. Below are 5 tips to helping you glow from the inside out.

Photos by Sarah Mackenzie


The Tummy Tuck

What is more comfortable than wearing something baggy? We all know that the most comfortable is coming home after work to slip into your 20-year-old cotton blends. Why not take that comfort to the streets in a fashionably-acceptable manner?

Wha-la! Alas, the Tummy Tuck will be your answer. For this look, you can grab an organic cotton t-shirt, or oversized sweater top and tuck only the front part into your jeans or pants (not tights!!!). What this does is remove the unflattering illusion that comes with baggy clothes. By doing the tummy tuck, you are cinching in the waist in a manner that lets others know you are not only chiky-dicky but that you have a figure under all that garment.

IMG_0034 (1)


Over the Knee Boots

Some boots do not pass and look cheap. Avoid shiny fabrics that look like its part of Catwoman’s costume and any shoes that have clear heels (does not include stiletto heels). Wood is acceptable but if the mouth of the boot continues to slip down your leg, you should by all means – avoid it.

Designer boots tend to 1.) have the same fabric travel to the heel, 2.) hides the zipper, and lastly 3.) contains a sturdy mouth that stays on your thigh longer. It is super annoying to have to pull up your boot every 5 minutes. That is why I tend to invest just a cinch more in my boots. This one pictured below is a Steve Madden piece I got as an early Christmas present from the boo.


Oversized Fly Sunglasses

Believe it or not, you don’t have to spend $500 on Ray Bands to look “money.” I am a personal disaster when it comes to sunglasses. I am rough as I toss them into my purse or the seat of the car, drop them on concrete, etc.. It is a never-ending trial of new ways to break my sunglasses. I am trying to become more conscious of how I handle them. After all, no one wants to have to buy sunglasses every month.

I used to buy $5 sunglasses or even cheaper ones from Rue21. Now let’s be honest, sunglasses that cost that low WILL look cheap, and they did when I bought them. I figured, why buy something of value if I will just break them? I had a nephew stomp on his mother’s expensive Rays at a restaurant and that heartache let me know….it was not worth the hundreds of dollars. I foresaw all the ways my $500 could be broken just because of my clumsy tendencies.


However, I found a happy medium and it looks fabulous. As I started to climb up in the price tag at $15 to $25, I noticed that the glasses became more durable. For example, these SojoS frames (Pictured below) felt stronger and the lenses sat better. These sunglasses have gotten me ample compliments on how they specifically look “high-end.” The combination of better quality products and the reflective element on the lens gave this sucker an “A” rating by illusion. I still broke them but…at least it took longer to do so!

Additionally, Aviators will never go out of style. People may re-define it, play around with it, create new designs but the original style will remain timeless.

Mixology of High and Low

To look high-end, you don’t need to walk outside with $5,000 worth of material. However, simple touches of lovely can elevate any casual and straightforward outfit to look absolutely chic-dicky.

If you are one to only wear expensive products, more power to you! However, don’t think that you need to have all those things to look like you have some fashion sense. You can mix your low-end products with your high-end investments, and still look very prestigious.

For example, every item pictured in this post is below $30 except my Michael Kors bag I bought several summers ago. You can simply update a look by adding a statement piece like this vibrant bag pictured below.

If you own no high-end products, never fear. You can instead add some elegant but affordable jewelry to your wrist like a watch or charm bracelet with a couple of rings. With those elements, your outfit will reach another level.

IMG_0137 (1)

Black will always be the new “Black”

Wearing all black may seem dull and boring, but when done right, you can create an elegant look. I definitely would not kick this color plot out of bed as it is easy to style. I also like to add a pop of color somewhere to help contrast and brighten up the outfit. I often wear red lipstick and some bright jewelry (lavish or simple) to add some rays of color, but you can also match together different fabrics to make your look interesting.

In this post, I mixed a warm, knit sweater with a faux, leather skirt and some suede Steve Madden over-the-knee boots. All the textures and fabrics help create a palatable contrast while keeping the same color theme. My lime-green purse is my perfect touch of color without having to wear more makeup.



I paired this outfit with some silver accessories from Chloe and Isabel. They are the brand’s Bianca ear climbers that provide the perfect amount of elegance and edge. The ring is one of my favorite pieces as it is bling bling without being huge on the finger.

Outfit details: 

What piece makes you feel like a million bucks?


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