Valentine’s Day – My Favorite Romantic Eatery in Winston-Salem

Chocolates wrapped in tin foil, heart-shaped colorful candy, red decorations everywhere you look – all are Valentine’s Day characteristics to drive the lonely mad and the not lonely even madder. With Valentine’s Day approaching, there is a lot to think about if celebrating. Where do you eat? What gifts do you give? What is an affordable and acceptable gift? All of which linger in everyone’s minds end of January.

But I can help you with one of those questions. Eating out can be a treat – especially if you do not do it a lot. Though cooking at home is a sweet and affordable gesture, sometimes getting out of the house is worth more than sweating over the stove. As a person that enjoys tasty seafood, creative and classic deserts and interesting dives, I have found that one romantic eatery in Winston-Salem keeps me consistently satisfied with the quality of food, service and experience.

All photos are by Sarah Mackenzie Photo.

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There are a lot of local restaurants in Winston-Salem that are so yummy and fun to enjoy. However, some of them are more hangouts than catering to Valentine’s.

Bonefish Grill, though a chain restaurant, is always a fail-safe dive as it offers excellent, affordable seafood and a high-scale atmosphere. The restaurant still falls on my list as my local, favorite seafood joint. It is a versatile spot in that you can come in jeans to hang at the bar with friends or dress up for the evening for a sit-down, elegant dinner.

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor asked to talk about Bonefish. We just showed up on their doorstep. However, the host and waiters/tresses saw us taking photos and inquired about the purpose. Once they heard I was writing a Valentine’s post, they were kind enough to let us try the Strawberry Chocolate Lava Cake (before it was released) which will be a Valentine’s Day special (I paid for it though, not free).

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Food Food Food


We started with French bread to dip into olive oil and Bang-Bang shrimp. For those that have not had Bang-Bang Shrimp, you must try it. The shrimp is fried, breaded, and smothered in a red-orange creamy and spicy sauce. It is not very hot but does have a slight kick. Though very rich, the Bang Bang Shrimp complemented the bread. We also indulged in an expresso mixed drink which was a bit bitter for my taste. But for those that like black coffee and are expresso connoisseurs, I imagine this drink is for you!

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Main Course

Mike and I ordered our favorite dish as our main course – The Tilapia Imperial. Now let me tell you, I HATE tilapia and refuse to eat it – except at Bonefish. This dish has crab chunks layered on top and inside the tilapia. It is all covered in a creamy but light sauce that makes the plate a thumb-sucking treat. The Tilapia is lightly brazed too which helps provide some flavor that most restaurants miss when cooking such a plain fish. We always order jasmine rice, broccoli and mashed potatoes as the side.

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The dessert was the Strawberry Chocolate cake I mentioned above. If you or your significant other is a fan of everything chocolate, you will like this dessert. The strawberries helped elevate the sweet and chocolate goo that oozed out of the center of the cake. It created a diverse palette even though there were only two main flavors. The cake is huge though so be prepared to take it home or share it (which I think was the point). The ice cream is a must as it made the sweetness of the chocolate warmth contrast against the vanilla cold. LOVE!

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The staff is always so friendly! We have never had a bad experience here. Mike and I even came here for our first anniversary in which we were showered with free champagne, dessert, and a handful of coupons for Bang Bang Shrimp. It made the night even more special than we had anticipated. A chain restaurant that can pull off being personable like that will always be booked for business. Make sure that you set up reservations!

The OOTD Breakdown

The embroidered black bodysuit, red crossbody bag, and grey teddy jacket are all from FashionNova. The Amulet Linear Drop Earrings are from Chloe and Isabel and the shoes and skirt from Target. The shoes and skirt are no longer for sale but you can still get all the other pieces!

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The red crossbody bag was a perfect addition to the ensemble as it gave the outfit a pop of color – especially when red is very on-trend this winter season. I was impressed with the quality even though it was very affordable. Had the hardware been better quality, the bag could have passed as a luxury brand. I love the details of it that called out to me instantly. It’s unique pattern and fun gold and spiraled chain was a fun touch to an all-black outfit.

The embroidered bodysuit was itchy down below and ran a little big. It is completely see-through which was a tad disappointing but does fall in line with the trend. I just like the faux naked look the model had on the website. Oh well! I will say that the bodysuit did not disappoint Michael anyways which made me feel beautiful. Nothing like feeling chic and sexy in the land of the boring!

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The toasty teddy bear coat is one of my favorite items! It is not great for windy days but is fairly warm and brings all the comfort you would need. I wear it all the time! It does run big so keep that in mind if you want to get one. Lastly, snow LOVES to cling onto this fabric. I got stuck in the snow with it and needless to say, it did not end up well for me! But the jacket is worth it as it is one of my most worn items and continues to keep its teddy bear fabric consistent in its coziness!

What’s your favorite meal you had at Bonefish?


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