6 Clever and Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

This Love Thing

Michael and I have created a love “thing.” No. Not a child but we give each other little love gifts as a sign of appreciation. It is usually a surprise, unexpected, and not elaborate. However, it is always thoughtful or useful – just enough to warm the heart.

He is the sweetest man alive. While we were dating, we celebrated Valentine’s Day and Michael was always very romantic and creative in our initial years together. He would write poems with a Scottish-Irish touch, plotted treasure hunt adventures, created mixed CDs as well as other hand-made gifts.

Giving gifts that are thoughtful can be hard especially if you are not keen on the concept or just starting to get to know someone. But I have created a list of ideas below that show you are truly thinking of your someone special.

The stuff I have collected is a mix of thoughtful, expensive, and affordable selections depending on your relationship’s commitment level. I tried to stay clear of electronics and jewelry because that seems to be an obvious choice. If you want something a little more outside the box, I have some options for you listed below.

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Showcasing Musical Talent

Giving a sound wave print is perfect for the musician in your life. He or she, whether they sing or play an instrument, will love the thought behind this gift. You simply provide the song this person contributes to and tell the creator what to capture. You can also add text at the bottom and have a variety of color options! This is great for non-Valentine’s gifts as well (e.g., birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s day). I got my brother one for Christmas with a soundbite of his guitar melody (a considerable part of the song) and some of the lyrics at the bottom. It turned out great!


The Dreaming Chef

Does your loved one pride themselves in their abilities in the kitchen? Everyone deserves recognition for their talents and hard work behind the stove. Provide a monogramed apron to your Valentine with an excellent name or phrase for them. This is also a great non-Valentine’s gift. I gave this to my dad for Christmas and had his dream restaurant name printed on the front since he is now the cook of the family.


The Go-Getter

If your Valentine is an entrepreneur, they need a planner. I know, I know. How boring, right? Think again, there are several options to make a fantastic and unique gift! Don’t just go to Target and buy a $10 sparkly planner. Instead, dish out $50 for a planner that inspires creativity, tracks progress for goals, helps you distinguish your career, and more! If it weren’t for the price tag, I would get one. However, if you got the money to support your someone special’s dreams by giving them a handy tool to help them stay organized and keep momentum through the year, go for it! These planners will not only help you keep your goals straight, but will push you think the bigger picture while keeping those smaller targets in sight. I think this is also great for writers too.


I Spot A Star

Dedicating a star to Valentine is super cool especially if into astrology. This gift can be framed and given with another item if you like. It is very affordable and thoughtful. You can even get a specific night’s constellation customized and framed for a wedding night, first date, or whatever night you want to commemorate. It’s on the higher price range, but again…if you can swing it, it would be an adorable gesture!


Drinking Connoisseur

Whiskey Barrel does the trick. I happen to love bourbon and whisky so this will be something I would love to indulge in at some point. Does your admirer like the taste of whiskey? Not only that…fine whiskey? Well, this gift is great for those that the finer things when it comes to drinking.


Melt the Heart

A Love book is for those romantic squeakers out there. Recharge the vibe with this love-declaring booklet at an affordable and yet priceless cost. Plus, you can give somewhat of a homemade gift feel without dealing with all the crafty glue, feathers, and glitter.


What’s the most romantic gift a loved one has ever given you?



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