Luxury Brand for the Long Haul – What is your commitment level?

There was a time where I did not understand how people could willingly spend so much money on boring, leather items. What happened if these $300-1,000 shoes got ruined, lost, or stolen?! The thought still makes me shudder. Granted, at the time, the luxury brands I knew of were dull.

It wasn’t until this past couple of years that they started catching my eye. The purses, for example, were getting festive, brighter, and varied. The textures, embroidery, and hardware began to resemble the chic, fresh, and YOUNG.

All photos are by Sarah Mackenzie Photo.


As mentioned in my 5 Trends to Look like Money post, three years ago I eventually invested in a Michael Kors lime-green bag that was on sale at an outlet. It was the most I had ever spent on any article of clothing or accessory.

It was a jump that I never regretted as that purse still holds in perfect condition to this day. My best friend, who was with me, can attest to the soul-matching moment of when I knew that bag was mine. Once the salesman said its sale price, I clasped the purse to my chest – especially seeing that she was the last of the lime-greens in stock.


Fast forward to today, my soul matched with another: Coach. I don’t know if you have noticed but this year Coach is slaying their designs. In December, I found my ultimate winter purse – The Drifter Carryall. She was half off and more than I had ever imagined paying for a purse.

But even with my husband’s pure disapproval, I still jumped off the ledge and bought her. She is everything. From well-made, matte-black hardware to velvet details, carrying her makes me feel like one million bucks!

The only thing I wish was different was the straps you can attach on the sides. They are uber-skinny and with a purse that large, you are bound to carry many items…so a thicker strap to help my shoulders and neck would have made this bag 100% perfect. Aren’t the tags to die for too? I just love how the matte goes hand-in-hand with the worn leather to create a street-style, edgy vibe! I think next year I will invest in a luxury coat as my next target.


What is one piece you do not regret adding to your collection?


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