4 Ways to Save When Online Shopping

Saving money is hard. After all, we all have a life to live, gifts to provide, items to enjoy, adventures to plan, and food to indulge in. Unlike my last blog that lists how you can cut your debt in half, this time I am going to give you tips on how to save even when you have the cash to buy items outright.



Consider this browser plug-in an extra digital set of eyes as it keeps up with specific items you place on a list. I stumbled upon it via some Youtube Vloggers, but I never took it seriously because I figured they were getting paid to recommend it.

However, I eventually gave in and installed the software into my Chrome toolbar on both my MacBook Pro and iPhone, and I have been presently surprised.

It is easy to use and has helped me save from buying items full price! All you have to do is create an account, and then install it in your browser. Once done, every time you find a “lil something, something” outside your price range, you can click the little Shoptagr symbol at the top.

It automatically saves it to your Shoptagr profile and will send you an email or whatever notification you set up that an item is either back in stock, or on sale! I was able to snag a Tarte foundation worth $30 at Ulta and got it for $12!



This tool provides cashback for shopping at sites you already visit. All you have to do is go to their website first (after creating an account) to see if the brand is registered with Ebates (this changes every so often). Then you just click on their link to the brand’s site. That is it!

For my Coach bag, I was able to get $30 cash back just for going to their site first! I had to do nothing but click Ebate’s link. The amount you save depends on what you buy and the percent Ebates offers but in the end, if your store qualifies, its easy money back in your pocket.


Before I knew this was a thing, I would add items to my cart without the intention of genuinely going through checkout. For whatever reason, it was satisfying to say… “I could buy this” without going through with it. Turns out, abandoning your cart can trigger (especially if you create an account at a brand’s site and are logged in) a follow-up email.

Often, an agreeable little discount with a list of item(s) you left in your cart comes in this email which is a marvelous and convenient way for brands to tempt you into completing the checkout line. This tactic doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s an excellent money saver!


Reward Memberships

I love it when a brand offers rewards for shopping with them. For that reason, I am always looking for ways to buy any beauty products from Ulta rather than Sephora. Even though I want Jose Moran’s Argan oil (Only sold at Sephora), I will be satisfied with finding an alternative brand at Ulta so I can get those points. Sephora has a reward system, but it is not as lucrative as Ulta in which you get points converted into cash equivalents.

This kind of reward system helps you save on items you already plan on buying. For Amazon, I participate in the reward system so that I can eventually buy a Vitamix blender. I am only halfway there, but I buy so much from Amazon, it shouldn’t be too long before I can get that fantastic contraption in my kitchen.


The OOTD Breakdown

The top is from Target and it was on sale for $10 but not listed online! I provided some similar pieces below. Therefore, if you want it, go grab it!

The sock booties are also from Target which you can get online! The earrings and bracelet are both from Chloe and Isabel’s Waterfall collection. (I get a small commission per C&I link but would love the support!) My bag is Betsy Johnson in which I fell in love with the Beetle Juice vibes. For this OOTD, I thought it was a fun pop of color and contrast to the black baggy top.

How do you save when online shopping?


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