The Power of Versatility – Why River Island High-Waist Pants are a Must

Ever since I bought my FreePeople high-waist pants in Puerto Rico a year ago, I have fallen in love with the trend. It is not only comfortable but flattering for curvy girls like me. Best of all, you can style it for any season! I have been wanting to add more of them to my collection but haven’t spotted any affordable and quality pants that fit my needs…until I found River Island.

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If you follow my blog, you will notice I tend to shop at the same places: Forever21 and FashionNova. For whatever reason, those two stores always have something I am dying to have!

However, I want to branch out and try some boutiques and other websites to expand my fashion palette. As I tore off my packaging to gaze upon my new River Island pieces, it was as if the try-on gods blessed me because the two were not only on sale but fit me perfectly. For my type of small, round frame, that hardly happens!


As you can see, the florals are making its typical stamp in fashion again this spring. Though this past week was the turn of a new season, it is still super cold and icky here in Winston-Salem. Therefore, the versatility of these pants was a must for my wardrobe collection as you can wear it for cold and warm months.

You can easily pair these pants with a cable-knit sweater like I have, a cotton turtleneck, or a long-sleeve top depending on your mood and circumstances. You can also wear it with a multitude of colors. I just happen to love black, so I naturally gravitate toward that choice. Just note that the pants are not thickly-lined so cold air is penetrable but completely breathable for heat.


Alternatively, for warmer months, you can easily complement the pants with a tank top, t-shirt, or blouse. Not only are these pants like slipping on silky pajamas, but it is also eye-catching with its unique pattern of sheen overlays, Asian-inspired floral design, and happy colors. The pant’s thin layer can prove to be beneficial assuming it doesn’t get sticky when you sweat.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I will show you my purchases through InstaStories knowing that by the time I take pictures with the outfit and post it on this blog, it may be sold out. As much as I would love to buy full-priced items, sometimes a girl has a budget to stick to! Lucky for you all, River Island has a great selection of other high-waist pant options – some with loud designs and others that are more staple colors or at least carry simpler designs.


Because the focus of my outfit was obviously the pants, I didn’t want to overwhelm it by adding too much jewelry. I added some Miami-inspired earrings that are from non-other than Chloe and Isabel! The kitten heels (featured on my Instagram) are from Target. They are a great staple to have as the pointed toe elongates your frame and provides more of a formal tone. However, if you wanted to make this outfit more casual, you can easily pair this with some flats for ultimate comfort!

Chloe and Isabel Jewelry changes quarterly. Therefore, everything you buy may not be around forever. I think this is awesome because it makes your purchase that more unique.

Additionally, you keep your lifetime guarantee should any damage or such happen. If you jewelry is not being sold at the time you are ready to cash in your lifetime warranty, you get credit of what that jewelry piece was worth to put toward another piece. This has been a great save for me!

And yes, if you click the links below and purchase, I get a lil commission out of it but I can assure you that you will not regret it. Plus, if you do (which you won’t), you can always return it.

Be prepared to see me more in pants like these as I will probably fail to avoid adding them to my wardrobe. You guys have to believe that this item is such a worthy investment due to its versatility, comfort level, and flattery on curvy and non-curvy bodies!

What do you think of high-waist pants like these? Too much for you or do you prefer less-loud options?


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