Chambray Jumpsuit in the Heat of the Summer

It happens every year. We all crave the heat once we are halfway through winter. We are tired of the wet slippery snow. We are weary of the icky sleet and gloomy skies and instead close our eyes and pray for cloud-free days where it is an easy 70 degrees with a gentle breeze. It’s funny because those kind of days appear in Winston-Salem, NC for like a week before the temperatures climb and the humidity sets.

I am already dreading the thick air, layers of pollen, and sticky clothes clinging on your skin as you walk into a freezing cold department store. In an attempt to make myself more comfortable during these months, I try to find pieces that are flowy to allow my body to access air. Thus this FashionNova jumpsuit

Pics by Sarah.Sees



Every summer, you will see me parading around town in maxi dresses every chance I get. It is breezy, comfortable, and feminine. I don’t have to wear a bra nor underwear but still keep that feminine charm. Jumpsuits like this one, I also found, can also be another form of airy comfort especially when it’s casual.

Though FashionNova is more on the sexier side of the scale, they actually have some modest pieces like this jumpsuit! Also, if you sign up for their newsletter, you get coupon codes which more often than not, saves on shipping if under $75. This is a big deal when their return policy is not that favorable.

That is one reason why I had to grab this faux-jean jumpsuit. I knew just from looking at it online that the material was much lighter and softer. These types of jumpsuits are the best! Some people may be deterred by some of the bagginess but I don’t care about that. That just means it hangs off my body in a way that is flattering but still hides a little food baby!



FashionNova inventory is constantly moving and changing so I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity in grabbing this outfit. Plus, some of you may be experiencing the opposite of the east coast and enjoying warm weather already! So if you wanted to get on board with this piece, a delay in sharing it would not be convenient for neither of us.

I paired this with H&M sneakers I got last year to create a casual vibe but you can easily pair this jumpsuit with some heels for a sexy athleisure look. Additionally, I have been loving the Chloe and Isabel stars and moon set so I had to combine it with the fun hue of the blue jumper. The ring is also celestial-inspired which I think added to the vibe even though it was a casual feel.

The handbag is from Ivy and Leo and has been the perfect going out bag for spring and summer. I bought it for last year’s Miami trip and it went with every outfit I had! Great find and worth the price.


What is your essential summer piece? Am I the only one that admits to going commando in the summer?


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