3 Trending Patterns I am Excited to Wear Spring 2018

I am a new woman. I have started to like prints I vowed never to partake in and fabrics that I promised to never put on my body. It is incredible how time can develop a different perspective. I guess that is all a part of getting wiser.

Nonetheless, below are prints that I am super excited to wear this season! I love the fun colors and bold patterns hitting the racks and I want to collect them all! Hope you are just as excited as well as there are lots of patterns to chose from that aren’t even listed here! Below are just my personal selection of prints I am ready to wear!

All photos are by Sarah Mackenzie Photo.


Smell the Roses

As already discussed in my previous post about super colorful, high-waisted pants, I have never gravitated toward flower prints. Even when it was the coolest thing to be boho, I stayed away in fear of looking like a school teacher in the 80s’. Don’t ask me why it deters me, but I have always liked styles that were unique, sexy, and sometimes edgy, versus feminine staples.

But this year, flower patterns are calling my name! I am drawn to the big and bold flowery designs that can carry on from spring straight into summer. The bright colors are uplifting after an up-and-down winter mix in North Carolina, and the loudness of the designs falls into the unique and edgy category I am attracted to.


Look like a Zebra

Stripes are something I usually leave for my best friend to wear. As someone with a large bust, I always hated how the lines seem to bring focus to my breasts in a non-flattering manner. Either the fabric stretches out to an awkward fade in the middle of my chest, or the stripes lay awkwardly so that my ta-tas look all uneven. It has always been the worse!

But this year, I am finding that loose fabrics with this pattern can be flattering and a fun way to spice up the wardrobe! For example, this dress you see in this post is from Forever21 and lays loose around my body as a flowy and yet shapely attire. I usually hate the knotted look that sprouted last winter on sweaters, but on this dress, the knot helped bring out my silhouette in a subtle way. The only set-back is that it is see-through, so if you wanted to wear it to work, you need to make sure to wear the proper undergarments. (Links are down below for each piece.)


Get that Vitamin C

I have always thought fruit designs on clothes were super cute. However, I was never brave enough to wear them even though I admired the vintage vibes. This season though, I am going to find a piece that has fruits on it. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, know that wearing this patterns with food on them is once again on-trend this Spring and one that I vouch for full-heartedly. Designers have modernized the look to be extra flattering to curvy shapes and even more bold than it was back in the day. I have noticed vintage designs always find their way back into our lives so anything that brings on vintage can end up being a staple item in your closet depending on the pattern and shape of the item.

The OOTD Breakdown

This Forever 21 striped dress is so free and light on the body. It fits into the style trend this season and goes perfectly with different kinds of shoes. The kitty-heel, pointed toe shoes are from Target. Since they don’t have these shoes listed online, I suggested other ones in the shopping widget below.

The jewelry went perfectly with this outfit. Though the color may not be available anymore, the grey is still a keeper and is the exact dress I purchased. All jewelry is from Chloe and Isabel. The necklace is out of stock currently but here are some fun options to go with the grey:

  • Riverstone Statement: Goes with the cool colors but still adds a pop of color through the purples and silvers.
  • Pave Links Collar: Perfect timeless piece that will complement the grey stripes.
  • Multi-strand Signature Torsade: Best pieces in my opinion of Chloe and Isabel and also one of the most expensive. If you want ultimate sophistication but still be super trendy, this piece is for you!

Though the earrings are out of stock as well, the cocktail ring is still available in my boutique!

What Patterns are you excited to try? Comment down below and let me know what you think I should wear next.


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