Timeless Spring and Summer Staples You Need Now

Every season, new trends arise or at least older styles are refreshed. Whichever way you look at it, there are always some staples that stand against the test of time. This spring and summer are no different.


Twirl, Twirl Girl

Maxi dresses will never go out of style because it is too damn comfortable and frankly, too damn cute. Additionally, their versatility is way too convenient for the average person seeking easy-peasy solutions to their warm weather wardrobe. Maxi dresses are one of those articles of clothing that provide a maximum wear per price as you can wear it for casual strolls on the beach in flip-flops or pair them with heels and flashy jewelry for an elegant dinner in the city. Either way, whether bold or straightforward, maxi dresses are always a safe bet.

TIP: If you buy a maxi with solid colors, you will have more flexibility in how you want to wear it. However, since I am in a floral kick this spring, note that I chose a dress that is bright and patterned. This means, I have limited options for jewelry because the pattern is so loud.

Jean Galore

Jean attire will not go anywhere soon. They may fade in and out through the years, but you will never be anything other than chic when you wear it. In fact, jeans like overalls, jumpsuits, and jackets are making a comeback in stores! Even if it isn’t in the forefront of everyone’s runway, odds are that jean pieces will still be trendy for years to come. From jean chokers, tops, to skirts, the fabric is here to stay.

I got this dress from Forever21 and it was worth the $20 spent! The ruffle detail on the sleeves is feminine and cute. I love the material on the bust and sleeves as it hides any nipple action from being braless. If you want some similar options that are not from Forever21 and are more boutique, scroll down below!


Sun-Blocking Necessities

Those large, sun-shielding hats are always going to come back every summer. They are too handy in protecting your eyes and skin from that blazing sun. Every year this straw essential continues to spring back to life and thus makes it a warm weather essential. Same goes for sunglasses. For me, aviators or a variation of that sort of style are a staple compared to other shapes. They are 1.) too cool for school and 2.) tend to flatter most faces – both of which I think will make it hang around for years to come! My favorite shades are actually from Boho Chic. This boutique always packs a sturdy, well-made pair for only $15.


Chloe and Isabel are my jewelry pieces for this outfit. I chose simple studs that mock the ear climber style. To match the cuff, I wore a bright coral cuff that is one of my favorite pieces of all time. It stands out against any outfit even one with florals and bright colors.

The colors of the jewelry helped tie in the yellow Peyton Satchel from Target which is the perfect size for carrying my work gear! I am in love with its vintage but Spring-like yellow hue and sturdy bottom so it can stand up straight. The faux leather material is flexible and comfortable even with all the contents inside which I cannot say is the same outcome for my Coach and Betsy Johnson bags. This bag has been a great $40 addition that I hope will last me years to come!


White T-Shirt in the morning, evening, & supper time …

Though not every outfit must incorporate a white T; I will say that adding a t-shirt here and there will refresh your current style to match the catwalk. Additionally, if you noticed in stores like Forever21, the white-T is worn with jumpers, maxi dresses, high-waist pants, under kimonos, or just tucked in jeans or a feminine skirt. The white-T is so versatile it is not only a summer staple but one that can quickly be refreshed with a simple knot or pairing it with something trendy.

What’s your favorite summer staple?


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