Save Money By Refreshing Past Spring-Summer Staples

Staple items are AWESOME because you do not have to replace them so often as trendy items. Luckily for us, there are are even easy ways to refresh last year’s bunch for any new year trends.


Decorate With Removable Details

Follow the luxury brands’ lead and pump up your sun hat this summer. Add a ribbon to match your outfit or add patches to have an urban touch, either way; you are slightly altering your piece to have a little more personality. By adding some accessories that can be easily removed to any item – not just your sun hat – you keep the staple clean and ready for next year’s trends. Same goes for belts and brooches. Adjustable details like this are great tools to refresh any shirt, purse, and shoe!


Change Partners

Merely pairing staples with trendy pieces will automatically revive your wardrobe. A great example are white sneakers. Pair it with a dress or a two-piece set and already you have a newer and sometimes more modest look. Another example is using a classic white-t to update an on-trend jumpsuit. Alternatively, you can tuck the white-t into some high-waist pants (like I did in the pictures for this post) or wear it underneath a blazer. The choices are endless!


For jewelry, I decided to use Chloe and Isabel’s African-inspired pieces. I fell in love with the black and bronze metals laid in a perfect geometrical medley. The rock featured in the Amulet Hinged Bangle and Amulet Ring is so on-trend and unique that I had to have it as soon as I saw it – though I must admit, it did take me a while to acquire the funds for it! The Amulet Convertible Statement Necklace is a great investment piece as it can be adjusted in length through a smooth sliding mechanism on the ends providing more wear per price. Statement pieces are a great way to make any outfit stand out!


Get Creative with your Staple

Summer scarves are a perfect example of using a staple for different purposes. You can tie it on your handbag as an accessory refresh, wear it as a turban, or wrap it around your waist like a belt. Basically, you need to get as creative as possible; think outside the box!

What is your favorite summer staple go-to?


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