Unbearable FOMO – Sacrificing for Financial Freedom in a Yellow Maxi

Does anyone suffer from a little impulsive twitch when someone mentions traveling somewhere exotic, fantastic, or just plain out of state? I ask because I do. When I see people on Instagram and Facebook enjoying their lives in the fresh waters of the Caribbean, slipping down a slide in the Maldives, or raising their hands in triumph at the top of Machu Picchu, I can’t help but feel a pang of full-blown envy and FOMO (fear of missing out).

For two years in a row, my hard planning to whisk myself and my husband overseas has just fallen flat on its face. I made itineraries, budgeted, researched, and told everyone I knew I was going to these places so that I could seal the deal with destiny. However, fate had other plans as it threw some “adulting” situations to the forefront of our lives.


Michael, my husband, turns 40 and I turn 30 later this year. Because of this, I felt it my duty to fly us both off somewhere special; sans family and friend drama. I wanted it just to be me and him swimming in the hot pool of crystal-blue waters of the Blue Lagoon.

It all came crashing down though when I got the news that my contract position got cut early due to budget cuts. Though I had saved for a moment like that, I still did not expect that blow especially when my manager kept telling me there’s enough work for two more years! Anyhoo, it all turned out fine but my contract simply just got extended – not permanent and not nearly enough to make us feel safe about going forward with our beloved trip idea.

Because of these events, harsh reality crashed down on me like a bag of bricks. You see, I had created a dent in our credit cards as the more I got raises, the more I spent. Next thing you know, most of my check goes back to paying everything off.


I am sad about our decision but I know our hard work will pull off, in the end, to give us more financial freedom. Therefore, if Michael and I play our cards right, we have the chance to climb out of our credit card bondage and double our savings by the end of the year. In turn, we would be free to travel next year CASH without the worry of whether or not I would have a job to pay off the adventure.

Sometimes we need that gut-wrenching, first-world problem, utter disappointment to let us know how close we are to achieving a goal. Its perhaps the universe telling me to back away from the sun before I bust into flames. This was a hard lesson to learn but now I know that I need to be more focused and smarter about my money so that we can set ourselves up for success!

Though I cannot make it to Italy (top 10 of my dream destinations), I recreated this blog content to pretend like I was there. Though this alleyway could not compare to the real thing, it is as real is it could be for Michael and me right now; it’s all we know.


The OOTD Breakdown

I found this dress from Francesca’s, and though it fits me as an XS, I think a small would have been better. I am just too lazy to exchange it. I don’t usually spend $50 on a dress, but this piece fitted perfectly (even though I have to get it hemmed) and went with the Italian vibe I wanted. Not only is the pattern fun and summery, but the fabric is also breathable and comfortable. Additionally, the tie front is an adorable detail that even for me being busty, could feel sexy without feeling like I was falling out of it.

I paired this dress with some gold yet simple accessories for a delicate touch. As mentioned in my Favorite Chloe and Isabel blog, the HoneyComb Ring is my favorite, and I paired this with more Paillette Single Drop Earrings.


Have any of you guys struggled with impulsive buying or serious FOMO like me?


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