Modest but Sexy Peplum Top to the Rescue

As I shift my body side to side in the mirror, I take note of my morning body. This activity is my check-in point, my false illusion, and my feel-good moment. My tummy feels smaller, my bootie more tight and lifted, and my thighs seem more defined.

However, as we all know, once we start to eat and drink throughout the day, our bodies morph into something unfamiliar and sometimes unflattering. Depending on what we partake affects how our bodies will look at night. Bloating for one seems to be a recurring nightmare that I can’t wait to shake off.

The fashions of late are frustrating me. As you can see on my Instagram, I gravitate toward dresses – maxis to be exact. The problem with those is that it’s RAINING every day this month and dragging the bottom of a maxi through puddles isn’t ideal.


So why not just wear jeans and a top? Well, the problem is that I do not always want to show my midriff through cropped tops. Sometimes I will shove my insecurity aside and seize the day with my tummy exposed, but sometimes, I want to let my gut lay where it may confidently.

As I make my way through stores online and in person, I notice that most tops are either cropped, off-shoulder, or dull. What happened to those go in-between tops that are sexy but modest? I only have one top that fits the bill. The rest of my summer blouses are t-shirts or office attire. After tiredly searching, I finally laid my eyes on this modest but sexy peplum.

This A New Day top from Target is a size small and is technically too big for me. Who knew I would ever be an extra small? A part of me wonders if Target is running their sizes larger these days. However, I am glad I got this gorgeously-pink peplum in size small since the breast lines would have not accurately depicted the shape of my breasts. Additionally, I suspect this piece is one of those that shrink on you. Therefore, I went with a tad bigger size in an attempt to increase longevity.

I have been dying to purchase an article of clothing with the palm tree pattern this season. The tropical vibes make me feel happy as if I was on vacay soaking up the rays. I also like how comfortable this A New Day top is as it does not need a bra. Any excuse to go commando is a perk for me!

The bright pink/coral color matches perfectly with these Chloe and Isabel earrings you might have seen in a previous post about this Summer’s patterned trends. I paired it with the cocktail ring as well. For shoes, I grabbed some black heels to bring out some of the darker tones of my top. I got these Xappeal Faye sandals from Rack Room shoes during a BOGO sale. Its comfort and quality made it an immediate steal!


I hope you liked this post and understood my frustration. The comfort I find with peplums is that it is flattering on ANY shape – curvy or thin. The only setback is that it is not as on-trend as other fashions. But the hell with it, right? What matters is how beautiful and comfortable we feel, and at least this modest but sexy design brings in the summer vibes.

If any of you know of a place that sells chic and sexy tops without showing your midriff, comment below.


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