Protect Your Body from Summer Damage for Sun-Kissed Tan and Luscious Hair

The Internet is full of advice on what products you should be using when on vacation to prevent summer damage on your body. Other than sunscreen, do you know what to do to protect your hair and skin?

Besides not wearing makeup, I decided to write my tips for saving your hair, maximizing your sun-kissed tan, and keeping your skin fresh and healthy during these next sweaty months.


Wet Your Hair Back and Forth

If you are worried that chlorine and salt water will dry out your luscious hair, you should be – especially if you have color-treated locks. Of course, you can stress yourself out by avoiding kids, waves, and other human beings that could cause your hair to get drenched but where is the fun in that? If you are anything like me, being able to sink into a body of cold, refreshing water during 90-degree weather is part of relaxing.

To protect your hair, consider taking a shower to have it already wet before reaching the beach or pool. Remember your science teacher discussing osmosis in high school? Well, osmosis really comes into play here as your hair will want to absorb any moisture from its surroundings. Therefore, by rinsing your hair, you are essentially preventing your hair from absorbing salt or chlorine. Even better, I like to lather my hair in conditioner to keep it hydrated. By the time you wash it at night, your luscious hair will be soft and supple versus brittle and dry.


Tan Tan Baby

Burning is horrible for your skin, and so you should not push your limits. Turning into a lobster to get a result is ludacris and detrimental to your skin’s health.

Don’t be afraid of high-grade SPF or any natural protectant. Even though I have Puerto Rican skin, I still use SPF 50 throughout the day. People think sun protection prevents a decent tan, but in reality, you are keeping your skin from cooking to a crisp. However, if you do want to speed up the tanning process a touch, consider getting tanning oil to spritz AFTER your protectant has soaked into the skin. This will help attract those rays without sacrificing your health in the process. I DO NOT recommend using cooking oils to lather your skin alone! I had a friend do it, and she was firetruck red!

Lastly, make sure to reapply sunscreen every hour and after you get out of the water. There is no need to fry for the sake of temporary beauty; especially if you can achieve sun-kissed skin doing it safely. If you are worried about breakouts on your face, then use sunblock specifically engineered for the face.


Throw in Some Shade

Hide your face from the sun girl! You don’t want your face to resemble a leathery bag! Ensure to cover it by wearing a hat, umbrella or any other source with a decent shadow to keep your skin safe from those sun rays. Keep in mind that when you go swimming, you will naturally tan your face anyways. However, if you spend all day in the water, then I would also recommend wearing a hat then as well.


The OOTD Breakdown

I got this bodysuit from Forever 21 and note that it runs small. If I wasn’t lazy, I would exchange it for a medium for more coverage in the bust. I got these Xappeal’s Gabrielle sandals in Cognac from Rack Room Shoes and though I was initially worried they were too “old-fashioned,” I no longer even care. They are beyond comfortable!


I wore these high-waist American Eagle jeans in a previous post and wear them again because they continue to keep shape even after a year. They make my buns look good and the color is so vintage. I love how American Eagle jeans have petite size options so that I don’t have to hem them. I am not sure if they are still available but if there current stock is anything like these, they will be just as comfy and stretchy as leggings.

The Hero Metal Linear Earrings are from Chloe and Isabel and went perfectly with this chic and wet look.


What tips do you do to protect your hair and skin?


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