Stay Chic and Sleek with Four 2018 Swimsuit Styles

It’s Miami swimwear fashion week and what better way to celebrate than to talk about the latest trends this summer. Additionally, I want to show you the most comfortable suit I have ever owned!

When planning this shoot, I was going to go all-out like the high-fashion bloggers and even wear earrings. But as lathered my body in protection from the sun’s sizzle, I just got sweatier, hotter, and eventually jumped in the water before I did this shoot.

Thus the lack of makeup and hair done. I hid the spaghetti hair in this sunhat so it wouldn’t be so conspicuous but I figured you guys would not mind the “realness” in these pictures. I’ll try again next time though and try to channel the Desi Perkins in me (Youtube star, check her IG at desiperkins)!


One-Piece Miss

One-piece swimsuits are great to have in your collection. Though they aren’t the best for tanning the whole body, they are excellent for hanging out in a jacuzzi, conservative ladies, and for women who do not give a damn about tanning lines. One-piece swimsuits will and have been taking over this season’s Miami swimwear runway and rightly so! The one-piece swimsuit styles are coming back with a sexier vengeance. That means, more holes, lower necklines, and higher cuts! Talk about hot, hot, hot!


Belt Me!

From belting over sized sweater dresses to now belting bathing suits, this trend is super fun! There are tons of designs out there that simulate a belt without having to deal with an extra accessory. However, for those of you who want to be on trend without spending money, you can easily buy a scarf and tie it around your waist! Tassels are around so you can use that to belt your suit as well. Either way, I think this detail adds a classic touch to many swimsuit pieces.


High-Waist Comeback

If you thought this trend was going away, think again! This style is here to stay and thankfully so. I am wearing my first high-waist bikini, and I have no regrets. The high waist silhouette is flattering as it exemplifies the narrow parts of your waist. The bathing suit bottom elongates my petite frame and hugs in all the spots I need it.


Minimalist Bralette Bikinis

I have always dug how chic and simple the minimalist bathing suits trends were, and I am now finally able to wear one from Windsor. Though it was a little on the pricey side when compared to Target, the fabric, comfort and sleek design made it worth every penny. I was living!


The OOTD Breakdown

Do you hate sunhats that flop in your face? Well, this one is not that! This particular sunhat I am wearing is from Francesca’s and NO I did not pay $30 for it. But if you go into the store to get it, they may have a 2 for $20 deal. My close friend and I split it and it was a done deal of $10 each! I would hold out until that.

I never took the plunge to see how far minimalist bikini tops fair for the people like me in the bust. I still would not recommend buying one online unless the store has a good return policy. Otherwise, I would urge you to try this style of bikini top before purchasing as this was not the first minimalist swimsuit I have tried on. But this is the first that FIT me marvelously. ADDICTED to this style with or without it represented on Miami swimwear runways.

What swimsuit trend have you been rocking this summer?


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