How to Wear Crop Tops Modestly

Back in the 90s when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera reigned the pop charts, wearing low-rise pants and crop tops to show off your tummy was in fashion. During that time, I was on my way to high school sporting my pre-teen body and entering a new country with a new way of life.

Thanks to my father’s business opportunity, my family was able to live in Holland for two years until we moved back to the States. During my stay, I sported the type of belly only a preteen could naturally have without effort.

However, as I stuffed my face with my Nutella, McDonald’s, and Gouda cheese during my stay, I failed to notice my flat torso turning into jello which resulted in several embarrassing photos of me vacationing in Spain in crop tops. Gosh! I wish I was more self-aware!

Fast forward to the present

Thank goodness the high-rise bottoms are on trend this time around because I do not think I can handle the pressure of showing my midriff again. Afterall, Miss Spears had a 6-pack, and Miss Aguilera was just thin. Thanks to high-rise pants though, you don’t have to be either to wear crop tops!

With stores saturated in crop tops, it can be frustrating to shop if you are self-conscious of showing your tummy. Therefore, I have constructed three ways you can wear a crop top without the burden of displaying your torso.

  1. Always wear high-waist pants! The higher the waistline, the more body surface it covers. No matter the shape, you don’t have to show your whole belly when wearing crop tops!
  2. Wear a top that has a bow or tie front to distract or cover your body. Doing so is not only on-trend but convenient in taking attention away from your midriff. Also, it can help break up the outfit in a flattering way.
  3. Throw on another layer. Whether it’s a jean jacket, a bomber jacket, or a windbreaker, use outerwear to divert the attention away from showing off all of your figure. This is especially helpful if you are slowly stepping outside your comfort zone.


The OOTD Breakdown

This floral-embroidered, Forever21 crop top is fresh and airy. If I wore it with regular jeans I would be showing way more of my belly. Lucky for me, Charlotte Russe had these super unique and adorable high-waist jeans that is a gold find since I can literally pair this with ANY crop top. Best part is that both the top and pants combined is below $50! The bad news is that the pants are no longer available. I still wore them in this shoot though to give you an idea of what to look for!

The earrings are from Anthropologie from last Christmas. I received it as a gift and though beautiful can be pretty heavy. I doubt these are still in store since it was on sale BUT I would suggest getting a lighter pair elsewhere anyways. I decided to dust off this particular pair because 1.) I already owned it and 2.) went perfectly with this ensemble of Latina vibes.

Hope these tips helped! Know that you don’t have to show skin to feel beautiful or sexy and you don’t have to dress like a nun to sidestep the crop top trend. Therefore, find yourself the right pair of high-waist pants and a fun top to match. The world is your oyster!

How do you feel about the cropped top trend? What do you wish to find in future fashions?


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