What I Would Wear to an Amusement and Theme Park

Rumbling roller coasters, intense water slides, and squeals of fear and glee make up the sounds of an amusement park. Though I am not a roller coaster fan, I can still make a decent companion as the purse, wallet, and key holder for everyone else that loves to chase ass-clenching terror!

Anyhoo, this outfit is perfect for park visits during hot and humid summer months. The Princess Leia buns hairstyle is great for keeping your hair out of your face though probably not coaster-friendly….then again, what is?!



The crop top and high waist shorts are breathable and perfect for tanning in long waiting lines. The high-waist feature of the Charlotte Russe shorts allows you to wear a crop top without displaying bare belly.

Additionally, the crop top allows me to adjust the ties so it can fit according to my body. Adjustable straps are everything for me! However, if you have a sensitive neck or a heavy chest that can cause neck pain, this green crop may not be the best option for long-term affairs. I noticed after half a day in it, my neck started to tense up.



These Charlotte Russe flip-flops were on sale for $6! It was too cheap to pass up. So far, they are comfortable and practical. The classic brown-leather design has me giving it a thumbs up for the price!

My Steve Madden book bag I got years ago and has been good to me. It allows me to carry all my necessities without putting all the weight on one shoulder. Plus, it’s cute! I’ve taken it three amusement/theme parks so far! I grabbed this from TJ Maxx but there are plenty of other options available there.

Lastly, my jewelry is my favorite bright-gold color! I wear my cuff a lot because it goes with everything and is the perfect “pop” to any outfit – casual or upscale. The coral inspiration behind the design also screams the perfect summer accessory. The dangling, gold-metal earrings should look familiar from previous posts and match the gold cuff perfectly as well. For the same reasons as the cuff, I reach for these earrings often.

Would you be brave enough to wear double buns?!


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