When Less is More – A Skin Care Regimen that Could Help Adult Acne

Lowering the “Perfect” Bar

As career-oriented women, we have to do a lot more than men to look “presentable” for the office. People expect women to wear heels to be taken seriously and our hair and makeup need to be on point. Not only that, women have the pressures to look young as time works against us! This alone makes us constantly hungry for the newest age-reversing daily skin routine. Alternatively, men only have to slip into their suits and brush their teeth! It’s an uneven scale for the sexes. Unfortunately, it’s women who refuse to lower the standard as we are the first to judge and criticize other women.

But it is 2018 ladies! We can do so much less – there is nothing wrong with letting go of perfection. As someone who used to wear the full 100 to work, being able to “lower the bar” has been an eye-opening discovery.

Though I like to “do it up” for girls night out or a photoshoot for this blog, I have been able to experiment with my daily skin care regimen these past months and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Though my skin isn’t Mrs. Perfect, this skin care regimen has dramatically helped reduce skin scarring due to lack of infected acne.


Less is More – Allowing the Natural to Shine

As we try to tan and protect our skin at the same time, I have discovered that using less makeup on the daily is not only better for your skin, but helps you save time in the morning. For example, I have been using only one makeup product: either BB creams or tinted moisturizers. That means, no mascara, eyeliner, blush, etc. The same goes for my hair. I will quickly spritz some oils to my ends and comb it through to lock in moisture. Sometimes I straighten my hair and then not straighten it until the next wash! Doing less for my hair and makeup has shaved off an hour of my getting ready routine.

That means…more sleep!

Also, using less makeup has resulted in less infected acne than ever before. Makes you wonder how globbing makeup on to cover up our imperfections was counterproductive!

Daily Skin Routine Gone Right!

I still use beauty creams, but even with that, I cut back to see if my husband was right (he believes I only need water). Even though he may not be 100% right, I think my husband was onto something. With that being said, I have carved down my beauty products to 3 products every day and 1-2 once a week.

By doing so, my skin is glowing much more naturally. Sure, I could use a micro-abrasion sessions at $100 a pop to improve texture, but since I am saving money, I am happy with the way it is now! As someone who has battled acne most of her life, this skin care regimen, or lack thereof, has indeed transformed my skin!


The OOTD Breakdown

This whole OOTD is under $40 and is a chic and elegant style for any corporate-climbing boss babe. The top is breezy while the pants are not only flattering with its high-waist silhouette but is also light for the hot and humid months. Additionally, the khaki material doesn’t sacrifice quality as it is is not see-through. For both prices, these two pieces are a bargain! The shoes should be familiar if you are a repeat visitor to my site (listed in my protecting your body from summer damage blog).

Stay tuned for another blog post about what products I have been using to jumpstart my morning and night skin care regimen as well as what natural methods have contributed to my skin’s overall health!

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