4 Simple and Free Adult Acne Solutions for Calmer, Glowing Skin

Acne has always been my beauty battle. Though I do not suffer from teenage acne anymore, my hormones have evolved to the next stage – ADULT ACNE. I know this is a part of life and cannot be completely unavoidable, but I have a found a mixture of methods that have significantly reduced infected pimples and increased a healthy glow.

My skin will never be perfect. Until I win the lottery and have all of J-Lo’s skincare technicians at my disposal, I will have to always work on taking care of my skin on my own. Underneath the makeup and phone filter applications is naturally textured skin where little white heads creep underneath the first layer, and large pores make a home.

Nonetheless, these solutions/methods I describe below are used in conjunction with my face skincare regimen and assist with diet and exercise. Last week I ate so horribly, three pimples popped up as punishment. Besides cleaning up my diet and chugging water to cleanse out those delicious toxins, I have done the following to recharge my skin’s health and calm down the adult acne gods. I hope it will make as much as a significant difference for you as it has for me.


Korean Drying Method

I heard from a blogger that Korean women allow their skin to air dry instead of using towels because its fibers carry bacteria that accumulate even after you clean the towels. Additionally, the Korean method involves a specific wipe off ritual with their hands to help their skin dry faster and to stimulate the blood as an anti-ager. I am too impatient and like to multitask, so I just let my skin dry naturally as I fiddle about my home. However, if I am in a hurry, I sometimes massage moisturizer into my skin even if it is damp. Letting droplets of water run down you face may feel weird at first, but I promise if you incorporate it into your skincare regimen, you will get used to it and it will make a difference.


Minimum Makeup

As mentioned in my previous post about the expectations for career-oriented women, we have to do a lot more than men to look “presentable” for the office. Instead of packing on the contour palette or foundation on the daily, I now only use one makeup product: either BB creams or tinted moisturizers. I think this method allows my skin to relax a bit from the layers of foundation and other makeup I pack on for special occasions. The additional benefit to doing this is more time I can use to do other errands in the morning – or more sleep.


Bare-naked skin

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a packer. Like makeup, I also pack on skincare. My skincare collection is what I invest in the most and use the most of every day and night. My theory was that by globbing on layers of acne-killing products, I would eliminate those problem areas overnight.

But I have also reduced my use of products in my skincare regimen. At night, I merely spritz some rosewater on my face and then apply some under eye anti-ager. When dry, I plop into bed. However, if I have a pimple, then I dab on spot treatment as well. It is important to ensure your skin is dry before tossing and turning in those sheets for the reasons outlined in my next tip.

During the day, I only wear one moisturizer underneath my BB cream. Otherwise, my BB cream by itself dries me out. When I first started doing this, I was worried reducing my face skincare products would make me breakout but my adult acne has been kept at bay – who would have thought?


Changing sheets

One method I am surprised I don’t hear people discuss when it comes to adult acne solutions is hygiene. I change my pillow’s cover every three days. I don’t own a ton of pillow covers, but I do use t-shirts to assist with this method. What kind of t-shirt do you ask? Well, you know those free, oversized shirts you get at events like sports arenas, concerts, conferences, etc.? Usually, they are too big, tacky, or ugly for me to wear on the daily. However, they make perfect pillowcases.

The idea is not to roll around in your oils and dead skin while you sleep. Your skin will pick up on all the dirty muck your pillow harbors from nights past. A bonus of doing this is that it can help with allergies especially if you sleep or allow pets on the bed.

This method does not replace changing sheets altogether. Afterall, who else rolls off their pillow to find their cheek smashed on the mattress? EVERYONE. But it is too much work and not eco-friendly to wash your sheets after every night. Therefore, updating your pillowcase should help keep that adult acne away without constant laundry work.


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Have any of you tried one of these adult acne solutions? Let me know if these worked for you!


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