Easing into the The Rainbow Fashion Trend

The rainbow fashion trend has been around since spring, and it is looking to stick around for fall as well. Rainbow scarves, hats, and cooats are taking the plunge in incorporating this super-happy style.

I have to admit; it can sometimes take a while for me to get on board with new or bold ideas. However, once I set my eyes on this Forever21 skirt, I knew I had officially converted, even more so when I tried it on!


When I tried on this midi rainbow skirt at the store, I guess I was skinnier because it had much more leeway in the waistline. However, for this shoot, the waist hugged me tighter. I don’t know what happened in a week, but I would have sized up had I known. Unfortunately, I had stupidly torn off the tags thinking it was a done deal so I couldn’t return or at least exchange it.

I had a different vision when I purchased this rainbow skirt. A black and short tube top was my weapon of choice. It would be my sleek and chic version of wearing such a pop of color. Instead, I ended up with a 50s vibe. To make this style look less 50s, I would wear a body suit; especially when this particular rainbow skirt is see-through with bold or bright colors. Alternatively, you can wear a tube crop top for a more modern and sexy “Instagram-style” touch.


Either way, this rainbow fashion trend is SO MUCH FUN, and I do not regret buying this skirt as it swooshes and flows which provides me an excuse to skip and twirl in it. I recommend trying this on and seeing how you feel especially at its affordable price!

If you are hesitant about wearing so much of the rainbow fashion patterns but are interested in trying it, I would suggest to opt for an accessory (i.e., purse, belt, or jewelry), shoes, or a simple jacket with the design to complement a neutral or monotone outfit. That way you can see if you like it. After which, you can upgrade to having a top or skirt. If you get bit by the bold color bugs, you can go ahead and dive into the jumpsuits and two-piece sets that is full-on rainbow galore!


Rainbow Skirt: Forever21

Have you tried the rainbow fashion trend?



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