How To Wear Statement Jewelry

I never grew up being into jewelry. I was more into clothes and barely wore any trinkets. There is nothing wrong with that of course, but now I appreciate what a sparkle can do to elevate an outfit. It can transform an ensemble from plain-Jane to chic and sleek.

Just like clothes, you can express yourself through jewelry. Are you attracted to the classic style and wear minimal but luxury pieces? Are you a trend seeker and are willing to invest in big and bold jewelry to turn a t-shirt into a rockstar OOTD? Either way, you can crisscross both types of styles of jewelry and still be in the fashion-forward category.

But if you feel like every time you wear statement jewelry it is overkill, then I have two rules that may help you. Everyone’s fashion is an expression of themselves, so these “rules” are just my own. If you rather sport around jewelry like royalty or wear nothing at all, by all means, keep going and do you!

However, if you are looking for guidance on how to tone down your game, try these two personal rules when wearing costume jewelry.



Choose one statement jewelry over another; not both!

Never wear a statement necklace with statement earrings. Unless you are going to a gala and want the bling to puncture as many eyeballs as possible, the general rule of thumb is to either wear a statement necklace with small earrings like studs and perhaps a ring. Alternatively, you can pair statement earrings with a statement bracelet and matching ring but nothing more. Wearing one or the other will ensure you don’t look like you are trying too hard.

Pair costume jewelry appropriately

Avoid wearing statement necklaces with busy patterns. When wearing loud patterns, a statement necklace can clash with the ensemble as both pieces compete with the eye. Therefore, when it comes to wearing costume jewelry, you generally want to pair it with clothing that is simple and classic. That way, the statement jewelry adds personality and class rather than confusion.


The OOTD Breakdown

The white, ribbed, and off-the-shoulder bodysuit is from Forever21’s 2017 fall/winter collection. I found it hard to find undergarments that will support my breast size in this top but I eventually found a bra that works well enough even though it makes me look bigger than I am.

The unique jean skirt is from FashionNova and the material is stretchy which is a plus! The sizes I feel are weird every time I buy pants from this brand. They are either too big or too small but I think everything is meant to be tight so it can be hard to distinguish what is “small.” Took me a bit to understand this skirt was meant to be worn with it hugging your body.


The statement necklace is modeled after waterfalls with its silver metals and dangling shape. The beads at the ends are like droplets. Usually when I see costume jewelry like this, it looks cheap; however, this piece does not have that quality as it is pretty sturdy. Either way, I get a lifetime guarantee so should it ever break, Chloe and Isabel has a replacement waiting for me!


The Chloe and Isabel Pave ball studs complimented the balls at the end of the necklace. Though it doesn’t originally go with the necklace, I felt like the shining jewels could stand out and compliment the statement necklace.

The Chloe and Isabel moon and star ring set is a trendy piece I will never grow tired of. The sparkles the jewel brings makes it timeless and the dangling pieces are just too cute to leave behind.

What is your jewelry style? Do you prefer costume jewelry or simple and elegant delicates?


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