Why You Need Single Friends In Your Married Life

My husband’s favorite pants on me are my high-school pants from 2007. They have paint stains, holes, and look utterly ratty. But he loves me in it, not because of the homeless vibes but because he knows how I feel in them. When I slide into the pure cotton nostalgia, I am in my coziest state.

I am sure some of you have something like that in your closet that makes you feel most at ease. And there is nothing better than coming home, tearing off that bra, and sinking into those clothes for the night. For my family, it means a hot shower, a hearty meal, and tight cuddles watching television. That is my husband’s idea of a perfect night, and it has become mine as well!

At the Meridian Hotel in Charlotte, NC.

The best part about having married friends – close ones anyway- that I can be just as comfortable with them as I am with my husband. Dressing up can be as simple as wearing yoga pants and a sports bra. A fun night is hanging out at home with a glass of wine. It is a marvelous thing, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

However, I think as wives, we need to beware of “the funk.” The funk is when we stop trying so hard and do whatever is convenient. That drive to look beautiful lowers to bare minimum, and then you wonder why you don’t feel as confident as you used to. You would think having husbands that are happy with you as you would make you feel amazing alone – and maybe it does. But there is nothing greater than being around women that motivate you to be your best.

At the Meridian Hotel’s awesome rooftop bar which gives an amazing skyline of Charlotte.

That is where single women come in. Whenever I crave adventure, surprises, and memories, I know exactly who to call. If I ever feel slumpy and undercooked, these girls bake me all the way through. They remind me that there is life beyond those sweats. They remind me that there are drinks other than wine. They teach me about how to live freely, so I can worry less and enjoy more.

All of a sudden I have makeup on, my dress makes me feel desirable, and there’s whiskey in my cup. When 1:30 hits, I am sweaty from dancing and lip-syncing the night away. I am giggling in the back of an Uber after one last shot at the bar. Excitement doesn’t end after marriage and living this type of excitement doesn’t lead to affairs or hurt marriages (if your partner is trustworthy). On the contrary, I end up missing my husband more.

I am grateful for these four ladies. I got to experience this point in their lives because it came at a perfect time in mine. I missed feeling young and I was only in my mid-20s. I felt pretty lonely as my other friends lived so far away and my local friends where married, had babies, and thus led busy, hectic lives. Lucky for me, Bumble Friends mobile application connected me to four boss babes that I will forever be grateful for. Not only were they gorgeous ladies, but they were women that all had something special to bring to the table. They reminded me what self-respect, self love, and true sisterhood was. Lastly, their fashion was ON POINT and thus a constant inspiration!

One last photo at the Meridian Hotel’s awesome rooftop bar before ubering into the city.

Life may not let you keep your friends forever. Work, travel, perhaps some drama and other factors may get in the way. But the ones that will always matter are the women that only care about lifting you up and having a good time.

As I write this blog, I think about my four girlfriends who will be slinking away to fantastic, and exciting new ventures in their career. They will move to new cities, each with fresh opportunities and enriching people. The world is their oyster, and they are taking advantage of it. Though I am saddened to be separated from them, I am happy for them and hope to keep in touch. But should time extend us farther apart, I will cherish the times we had like a reminiscing high-schooler. These women have changed my life for the better, and I love each woman’s unique and beautiful energy.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to say that married women are not fun. I know plenty that are. This has just been my personal experience with my close circle of friends.

Any married women out there that have gone through the same thing with single women? What’s been your experience?


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