My Fitness Motivation Tips to Keep You Moving

For some people, doing the same thing day in and day out in the gym motivates them to come back. However for me, besides using my Nina Mindtricks to get to the gym, motivation involves breaking up my workout routine. My fitness journey has been a long one and hasn’t slowed down yet. Every year, I discover something new to help me achieve realistic fitness goals.

Therefore, I am sharing my latest three fitness motivation tips to get me off that cozy couch, into my workout gear, in the car, and through the YMCA doors.


Doing Fitness Activities of Interest

If going to the gym is aways monotonous to you, my first motivation fitness tip is to break the weightlifting and running routine and instead do something different! Go swim laps, take a spin class, attend hot yoga. Doing a different activity makes your workout routine more interesting. Plus, it may help with your fitness game as you break your body’s resistance from doing the same thing every day. Brainstorm fun exercise ideas, and make it a goal to attend a class or simply perform a new activity.


Take the Phone Obsession to the Next Level

I am going to throw a wrench in the popular “put your phone down” mantra and instead tell you to pick up your phone and watch something of interest. I love music, but sometimes, it is hard to break away from the exercise mind games.

Therefore, I whip out my phone and catch up on my favorite Youtube Stars, dabble in a podcast, or listen to books. Watching something while doing an exercise activity not only helps with those workout mental blocks but motivates you to watch your favorite TV shows away from the couch. Next thing you know, time passes by much faster! If possible, take your list of fun exercise ideas and see how distractions via technology help with any exercise mental blocks.

If you are doing an exercise that requires concentration for safety, you can also just update your sequence of movements. Whether its a new squat move, arm day sequence, or wearing a new bathing suit to the pool, making an exercise activity different doesn’t have to be drastic.


Ask Your Friends to Play

This fitness motivation tip is an extension of the previous tip. Grab that same brainstorm of fun exercise ideas and mark what exercise activities you can ask your friends to do with you! Find an exercise activity like tennis, biking downtown, or hiking. Doing this can be a significant refresh your workout routine solely by doing social activities.

I warn you that this tip is meant for you to do it every once and a while. The moment you get dependent on your friend to go to the gym, the more you disrupt your motivation should s/he cancel on you. Friends should be there to merely motivate and help, not be the reason you go to the gym at all.


The OOTD Breakdown

I have worn these high waist shorts in my Amusement Park OOTD blog and decided it was a perfect match in this summer heat with the striped, cotton bodysuit top from Charlotte Russe.

I have a weird aversion to t-shirts rubbing up on my collarbone and still do. However, this bodysuit was so soft, you can almost forget the fact the ribbed neck is rubbing against your collarbone. I love how flattering and soft it is as well!

close smiles-Exposure

I lost my Chloe and Isabel hoops, and in desperation for some budget-friendly options, I got these large earrings at a very affordable price! Like the shirt, the hoop earrings are also from Charlotte Russe which I cannot find it online but here is a similar set. I love the Latina vibes it brings as it compliments my frame. The cool part about these earrings is you can get them a set consisting of three different colors – gold, silver, black.

I also wore the H&M sneakers in a previous post about How to Wear Crop Tops Modestly.

What’s your fitness motivation tip? What keeps you going on rainy days?



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