When Life Gives You Lemons…Wear It Fashionably

I finally found a lemon fashion piece that is affordable and flattering! I am super excited about this Charlotte Russe maxi skirt despite my poor luck in finding a hole in it later on when I first wore it.

Though the lemon fashion skirt is not petite-friendly, I was able to bypass this conundrum by wearing high platforms to make up for the extra fabric. Then I grabbed a white-T I used on previous posts to tie up into a crop top – inspiration given by a friend of mine. With that came my uber-casual style of wearing and showing a sports bra to ensure you remembered how lazy I am and how I always try to shoot for comfort.



The gold metal necklace is an older piece from Chloe and Isabel but serves to still be relevant in today’s metal jewelry trends. I felt the gold metal necklace highlighted the lemon fashion theme and though this piece comes with two other layers, I opted to wear only one for a simpler touch.

The bracelet is a fun Chloe and Isabel add as it carries a hippie vibe through its shiny beads, dangling braided threads, and evil eye laying dead in the center. The evil eye bracelet is adjustable, easy to wear, and affordable (especially with a lifetime guarantee). It wasn’t matchy-matchy with the gold metal necklace but it was still a fun add to complement the lemon fashion vibe I was going for.

The platform sandals should be all so familiar from previous posts as they once again came in handy. It gave me the exact height needed to avoid spending $10 hemming Charlotte Russe maxi skirt at an alterations store.

Unfortunately, the skirt is no longer available but the brand still has other skirts in the same style and fabric – just different pattern. Remember to make sure to inspect it as $10 skirts can come with a price as I had just experienced!


I had fun shooting this look. I took some risks with makeup and a new hairstyle – both of which did not exactly come out as planned. But you know… I still made that lemonade – and then sought off to find vodka.

Do you own any lemon fashion or fruit-inspired articles of clothing? If so, what is it!?


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