How to Get your Confidence Up – 3 Ways Get Out of a Rut

Sometimes, we get so deep in a rut that the idea of sitting commando in our bathrobe all day sounds like an excellent activity. However, implementing that same decision every day or every weekend may cost you that vivacious spark you need to help you feel good about yourself. The passiveness can even creep into your work life in which you cease putting your best foot forward.

To make sure you don’t stay in a rut long enough to hurt your image professionally, I would suggest the following tips to help you feel refreshed before Monday strikes back.



Grab those 5-inch heels

If you can’t walk in 5-inch heels, by all means, don’t force yourself. But consider putting on something you wouldn’t wear to work or church. I am not saying to dress like me in this photo shoot; however, the point is to put on something that makes you feel sexy, beautiful, and like a queen.

Breaking the sweats routine in front of the TV is how you can get your confidence up. Adulting is difficult. We work so hard every day that doing nothing becomes a privilege. However, doing too much of a good thing can impact our lives negatively. If not careful, we forget that we are social beings. As women, making an effort to dress up can boost self-esteem which can set you up better for the week ahead. Getting out of the house, into those sexy pumps, and hand in hand with a loved one is a sure-fire way to get you out of a rut.

Gold Shoes-Exposure2

Take a hit of nature

I am horrible at this tip especially with the humid heat taking over North Carolina at the moment. The streets can sizzle after a quick shower, and it does not appeal to me to step one foot into onto that asphalt. Frizzy hair, sun beating down on me, and my concern for my dog’s paws are the number one demotivator for stepping outdoors.

If you are anything like me, I would suggest replacing this tip with going to the gym. The idea is to get your blood moving and pumping so that your body can get filled with endorphins. The best part of every workout is after its done. Doing something for yourself and stressing your body is how you can get your confidence up. It’s the best way to put you in ultimate relaxation and a more positive attitude. Moving will help you in feeling beautiful.

If nature is a motivator for you – especially if you work from home – making time to walk outside alone, with a partner, or solely with your pets can help break any grungy routine. It may even motivate you to be productive when you get home! There is something about nature that can inspire.



Deflect your inner anti-social

My introvert self can make me a hermit. With my husband also being a hermit, I have to make sure to implement perimeters on all of our lazy activities. For example, if he wants to binge watch a show, I can only watch it after dinner or at least limit the amount of entertainment watched. Our movie room has no windows so I know that watching television all day turns me into a zombie where my sense of time is gone, and my body is lethargic. Setting limits helps me sidestep the rut.

Lastly, getting out to see friends can help refresh a woman’s spirit. Nothing like a group or one good gal pal to get your creative juices flowing. The female clan is a soul cleanse as you can unleash any worries or anger into listening ears. Even if you don’t have any negativity to let out, spending time laughing, smiling, and doing an activity with other people can help elevate the spirit and help you feeling your best.

What is your go to when you are in a rut?



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