Best Self Help Books for Millennials in the Workplace

After college, I jumped into the world of corporate America. Seeing my father rock this type of workplace growing up, I longed to follow in his footsteps of enjoying job security, competitive benefits and jumping the corporate ladder as a killer #bossbabe.

After several years, I noticed that I was not happy and that no matter how hard I worked or how fast I got my work done, it was not enough. Instead it was a circus of unhappy people pretending to be the most cheerful. I was over it faster than I was under.

I became depressed. I didn’t understand why the system was set up to allow boss bullies to succeed and the politics to take over all decisions. If an idea was for the benefit of the team, company, and project, why would it be rejected because it would “hurt” someone’s feelings. This kind of “old mindset” was something I could never understand. Aren’t we all here to win it?

Other than seeing a therapist to guide me on how to manage my stress and sadness, I also read two books that sparked a light and turn my thoughts around.  I have listed my two best self-help books for millennials like me that struggle with tough office-culture.


You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

This is on the top of my list for best self-help books. It was not only my first one as an adult, but it helped me find my inner strength. I dreamed of being a photographer at the time, and though my dream has now taken a complete 180, Jen’s wisdom helped me battle my doubt that was fueled by how others thought I should be living my life.

As millennials, older generations want to blame us for everything. Which is bizarre because they are the ones that raised us. They reminded us as itty-bitties that we were special and that we could reach for the stars. As we aged, they told us to stop reaching because it would never happen – leaving us perplexed and wondering what the hell happened and why we were suddenly unworthy of the specialness promised?

Jen’s story and philosophy was my guidance to hope, escape, and entertainment as she  taught me how to understand society’s warped perceptions on those pursuing the big dream. Jen also shared how she broke through those misconceptions of succeeding in a career that didn’t fall into “the normal.” It is inspiring and gave me the patience I needed to become a stronger woman in an old-fashion world.


The Subtle Art of How Not to Give a F*ck by Mark Manson

This self-help book was a tough pill to swallow. It went a whole other direction that I didn’t expect.  His profane speech is amusing – though at times unnecessary.

Whether or not you revel in profanity, you will be shook by his rejection of the “just be positive” mindset. As we should all understand, it isn’t so easy to “just be positive” especially for people who struggle with mental health no matter the severity. Unlike other gurus that preach on living a happy life, Mark discusses how we will not always be able to turn lemons into lemonade and then teaches the tactics we can use to stomach its acidity.

There are only so many things we put all our energy into. There are no shortcuts in life, and not everything has a silver lining. Mark puts everything into perspective as he tells us how to care about the right things – the right struggle – versus caring about EVERYTHING and thus the wrong efforts.

The OOTD Breakdown

My recent haul came from and it was a hit or miss. Half the stuff I sent back and I kept the other half. Overall, not bad though! This bright, orange-yellow pant suit is not really office wear but brings an edgier vibe of bossbabe to the streets. Also, if the color turns you off, they do have it in a black and for only $30!

If you do have the balls to wear this suit to the office, beware that the pants are a tad see-through so I recommend going commando. Also, if you are really sensitive about fabrics, be warned that this has a waffle-like texture that can come off as raspy on the band. To combat this, you can wear a blouse and tuck it into the pants.

Otherwise, I loved this two piece as a sexy night out as the weather transitions into fall. Though we are a long way from fall transitioning into summer in NC, I know some of you up north are already enjoying that fall breeze. If so, this two piece is a great add to your wardrobe as you can wear sexiness underneath without feeling naked in the cooler air.


The tiered flower drop earrings is from Forever21 and a complete accident. I had this intentioned for another outfit but felt this really help bring some femininity in this two-piece that I liked.

What suggestions do you have as best self help books? I could always soak up more wisdom.



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