Best Book Bag for Work

Last year (2017), I got into a car wreck that totaled my car and negatively impacted my neck. Carrying totes and messenger bags now reap havoc on my neck and shoulders.

Beforehand, I indulged in large, heavy bags such as my Coach Satchel. However, after the accident, my neck became so sensitive that uncomfortable, heavy bags seized up my muscles.


The Painful Journey

I wanted my Coach satchel to work out. It is all-black and sleek like a sports car. Its texture and design gave the bag a seasonal versatility. I knew it was going to be a good investment even when I received the bag and noticed the size was much bigger than I had thought it would be. I loved it so much because it made me feel like luxury!

Unfortunately, the super-hard handle and the uber-thin strap is not comfortable especially when filled with the necessities; after a while, I ended up with headaches and a stiff upper torso.

I turned to Target’s satchel in my time of need and man did I FALL IN LOVE with that item. The faux leather was so soft that even when I filled it with all the things that made my Coach bag heavy, it still felt light on my arm. I am sad to report that it only lasted a month before the handle started to unravel. *Cue tears*

Defeated, I decided to go back to a backpacks for women. I didn’t want to as school bags tend to clash against my office attire and made me feel like a school girl. That is until I found THE BEST BOOKBAG FOR WORK!



The Diamond in the Ruff

Not only is the Veegal backpack stylish with its gold hardware and sleek design, but it is practical. The construction, color, and the fabric are well-made and the straps are cushioned for extra support. I don’t know if the backpack is for women only but it never clashes with any of my outfits and is a comfortable, sturdy piece. All these features easily place it as the best book bag for work.

Because of Back-to-School season, there are tons of options similar to this backbag in a variety of stores like TJ MAXX. Though I must warn you to beware of the straps! Most contemporary pieces disregard comfort and sacrifice needed cushion for looks. Especially if you are a student carrying heavy textbooks all day – getting a backpack that is fashionable but not functional can be your demise by creating bodily harm.


The OOTD Breakdown

I had to snatch the red bodysuit from FashionNova as a dupe from Dior. Victoria (from In The Frow) wore this in one of her trips, and my eyes turned into heart-shaped emojis. Of course with Victoria being a fashion and beauty blogger for luxury brands, her sporty crop top came with a hefty price tag. Thus when FashionNova posted a bodysuit with similar vibes, I had to snatch it up!

The black, cargo pants match the edgy feel of the top. It runs a tad big but hopeful it shrinks a tad. The pants are very comfortable, and now I am excited to grab more bodysuits to pair it with! Can I just say that FashionNova is the only one rocking cargo pants? No where else is it making it stylish but them! Kudos to that brand!

The hoop earrings go perfectly with this ensemble as it gave the OOTD a splash of an urban-street feel. I wore this in my other blog as well. For this outfit, I needed their touch of Latina – especially when nothing else jived with this urban inspiration.

What is your office/back-to-school go-to accessory?


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  1. meritkirk

    Casual but classy! Great outfit and thanks for the tips about the professional looking Veegal bag. I never thought about looking for something like this!

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