Are Eye Lash Extensions For You?

I have naturally-long lashes. For the longest time, when I wore mascara, everyone asked if my lashes were fake. To my dismay, I would tell them it was just mascara.

For the past six months, I stopped wearing mascara to give my eyes a break from the random allergic reactions I experienced every time I applied. Additionally, when I applied shadow, my lashes disappeared even with mascara. Thus, I ended up having to apply fake lashes for those special looks so my eyes didn’t look like they sank into my head.

Since I have been blogging, I have been putting on more makeup on the weekends for my shoots. Putting on fake lashes became a chore, and thus I decided it was time to dive into the world of eyelash extensions.

Below is a recap of my experience and advice to help you determine if this is the right beauty procedure for you.


I knew going in that the process to get lash extensions was going to be two hours. However, I still was not prepared for the time spent laying in the same position with my eyes closed. Additionally, I did several things that were quite stupid.

First, after you lay down, the technician places white strips under your eyes and on your forehead. The strips underneath your eyes I believe is so that the technician can see your lashes and keep your bottom lashes out of the equation. The piece on your forehead is where the technician retrieves your lashes to place on your eye lid.

For the next two hours, the technician will lengthen and fill your lashes. By the end of it, you have gorgeous, “natural-looking” lashes that make you look good even when you just woken up. Talk about being able to use #IwokeUpLikeThis.


The Dos and Do Not Dos

Go sleepy. I WISH I had fallen asleep, but I was fully well-rested and caffeinated. If you do not want to go to sleep, bring headphones and a ready-to-go playlist or long podcast to entertain yourself. Without these two things, I was struggling with pure utter boredom.

Do NOT drink a lot before the appointment. I had fresh teas before I arrived and ended up needing to pee even before the halfway mark. Luckily, it is easier to hold it when laying down, and I survived the two-hour pee-hold but man o’man, that was uncomfortable!

When done, not only did I have to relieve myself, but I was starving. I don’t know if I should suggest eating before going, especially if you have fast-digestion – so maybe bring a snack you can eat laying down with your eyes closed. My hangry made me not able to appreciate the look of my lashes the first couple hours. I had a mission to feed making admiration of my new look the last priority.

The First Week

The first week was a bit uncomfortable as I tried to protect my lashes full force. I avoided water altogether which meant I could not just let the shower water beat down on my head. I missed being able to do that! Instead, I had have my back face the water. To clean my face with a cleanser, I used my hands to gather water and lightly wiped off the suds around my eyes.

I also avoided the sauna, swimming, and working out a few days afterward out to prolong its longevity. I paid $125 for mink lashes, and I wanted those suckers to stay for at least a month! I did lose one or two lashes by the end of that week, but it was not a reason to become alarmed.

The lashes felt light, unlike fake lashes. Sometimes, it would stick to each other or stick to my bottom lashes, and I would have to use my brow brush to unravel it but other than that, it was unnoticeable.


Week 3 & 4

The next two weeks, more lashes started falling out. But I didn’t panic because I already knew that people could lose 1 to 5 natural lashes per day depending on their growth cycles. When a natural lash matures and falls out, a new lash has already been growing and quickly replaces it without us noticing the turnover.

I loved the look more and more each day. I still did not wear makeup, and yet it looked like I had. I loved every minute of it. Even if I cried, I looked cute!

By this point, I uused the sauna and worked out; however, I still avoided swimming and letting water run down my head in the shower.

Week 5 & 6

The end is near at this point. My lashes are thinning out and the instinct to add on more fake lashes to help fill in the gaps is strong. I am addicted to my fullness and length but alas, my stubbornness to fork over money prevailed me from getting a touch up.

Are eyelash extensions right for you?

I noticed lash extensions made my lashes fuller and more visible. It wasn’t until this experience that I noticed that though I had long lashes to begin with, I couldn’t see them because they pointed down and straight. The lash extensions helped open my eyes by being darker and curved up.

Keep in mind that you want to refill every two weeks. The salon I went to said by four weeks, its considered a whole new set. It is also very pricey to even do a refill. It is $65 and a minimum of 1 hour for application depending on how many lashes had fallen out by that point. If you have that kind of cash and time, this may be for you!

I made a personal choice to avoid swimming – which I missed. I did this because I wanted to make my investment last. However, I don’t know if it was absolutely necessary. It just made sense to me.

Also, I am a snuggler. I like to burrow into my husband’s arms as well as wrestle and tussle. I cannot do that with these lashes. If I feel a slight tug, my stomach panics as I am terrified the faux lashes are pulling my natural lashes out.


My Decision

Because I am an active and affectionate woman, these lash extensions were fun but not a long-term procedure I want to keep up. I want to go back to swimming, cuddling, and letting the hot water beat down on my face when I shower.

Though it was awesome to look great all the time without having to put on a drop of makeup, I still feel the cost, time, and overall maintenance doesn’t fit my lifestyle. Though it will be hard to say goodbye to this fuller, more visible look, I want to go a different direction and try Keratin Treatment (stay tuned!) which is more natural anyways.

Comment below what has been your experience doing eyelash extensions? Do you have any questions?

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