Boohoo’s Silk Pants Outfit

Fall fashion has already infiltrated our stores. In 87 degrees and sweating from the hot parking lot pavement, I ventured into Forever21 for some inspiration and instead discovered thick sweaters, scarves, and fuzzy PJs. I could barely look at it without perspiring further.

However, some online boutiques are getting rid of the summer attire, so if you are like me and are still experiencing the heat, this floral, high-waist, silk pant outfit will come in handy. Not only is it lightweight, but fall trends are bringing back silky fabrics with bold patterns.

Boohoo’s silk pant outfit – Good as a set?

I initially bought the blazer and silk pants together. However, I had to send the blazer back because it looked like I was wearing a silky robe. I like more tailored blazers so even though it was ultra comfortable, I sadly had to send it back. *Cue tears* At least the silk pants fit enough that I could keep it and I love the way it feels. I highly recommend it – especially for hot summer days!

Ps) The cork platforms should look familiar as they are my fav summer heels this summer due to its versatile style and color as well as its comforts.


Though the pant’s pattern is not particularly bold, it carries a multi-season functionality that I appreciate. As the weather gets colder, I can pair it with a turtleneck sweater and warm tights especially since these pants are see-through. Until then, for the summer, it’s best to go commando or wear nude Spanx to keep the lines and patterns/color of the underwear from showing.

The black tube top should be remotely familiar as not long ago I wore this with my yellow-orange suit. It covers my breast well and seems to be a universal piece for high-waist pants. Though I won’t be able to carry this tube top into the colder months, it will come in handy next summer.


I bought this baseball cap forever ago. It was a great find as it had holes in the hat to help with airflow and didn’t cost that much. I thought it was a easy way to turn this silk pant outfit more casual. Plus, if you wear it to a sports game, you will look stylish despite the fact you may not be wearing team colors. You can even take it down a notch by switching to sneakers.

The Chloe and Isabel choker is inspired by India but is unfortunately, no longer available. I loved the white detail to bring the white from the silk pants up. It is technically reversible, so if you did not want the white, all you woud have to do is flip it to get the bronze-only side. It is a great piece to get the 90s feel into your ensemble without wearing those god-awful, black chokers you used to buy for $0.50 in coin machines.

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