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Unexpected Perceptions that will change the way you look at high-functional anxiety

Anxiety can be debilitating as it brings insomnia, irritable bowels, a racing heart and an unfocused mind. Though at times I see it as a negative, I also have a different perspective to offer that isn’t so doom and gloom – especially if you are able to operate normally on the daily; like me.

A person who has high-functional anxiety is someone who experiences a high amount of anxiety but can function in society. This is my life. Additionally, my anxiety comes at different intensities for certain situations. Speaking to people at a party has become much easier than going to a networking event for work. One-on-one conversations open me up whereas a group of strangers cause me to fall silent unless the group is fun and outgoing.

I am a strange concoction of a lot of different traits that come out depending on the time and place. I am both shy and bubbly. I am both confident and have low-self-esteem. I am prideful but also empathetic. I am paranoid but also lazy. I am productive but also unaware. I am many things which is why anxiety does not define me – especially in a world where mental health does not have a forgiving nor understanding perspective.

Below are some positives to anxiety that can make us hard workers, high-quality generators, and goal achievers.

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Anxiety Keeps You Moving

Most people have problems getting off their butt to achieve actionable steps to accomplish their goals. Anxiety-driven people can actually use their jitters to propel ourselves into being very productive. I know in college, it has pushed me to be able to juggle a multitude of different classes easier as I would start assignments early (as soon as it’s assigned) to get ahead. It helped me get the bulk of the work out of the way so that I can concentrate on studying for quizzes and exams that love to pop up around the time another assignment is due.

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Anxiety Keeps Your Mind Pumping

Although anxiety can pull your thoughts in different directions, I find it helps me explore different aspects of a problem that maybe some people miss. I often find that it helps to write all my thoughts down so I can catch any ideas that may resonate. It’s often like trying to catch a fish among a school of fish with a one-fish net. It is not an easy skill and not something everyone is able to achieve all the time – however, with practice it’s possible.

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Hit Deadlines

My anxiety has helped me make sure I make it to places on time if not early, and provide deliverables for any assignments also on-time, if not early. My guilt is my compass as it drives me to start ahead of schedule. Sounds depressing, I know – but it’s truthfully the reason that has pushed me to complete an assignment. I get complete satisfaction from checking items off my To Do list in doing so too.

Quality Work

Not only has anxiety helped me complete work early, it has helped carve out time to fix glitches in my work. Avoiding judgement is usually the goal – though an impossible dream – as it creates the motivation to start tasks early so you can have those extra moments back to fix mistakes. Our theory is that the less a heads up is provided, the more crap will be churned out.

I hate submitting work last minute and thrive on relaxed, planned working environments. The high-paced lifestyle just means there’s room for error and that fear of submitting lazy and awful work becomes abundant in that environment. As I turn 30 this year, I have learned to adjust to both working environments as everyone should since more often than not, you won’t always get to choose your job’s vibe.

If you are suffering from de-habilitating anxiety, my heart goes out to you. Please seek help as I have in the past before. Seeing a therapist has significantly helped me in my mental health journey and I plan to go back in the near future for some touch-ups. For those of you not completely inhibited from our mental race, therapy is still a great tool too.

I hope this blog has helped you rethink a little of how to view anxiety as it’s negative connotation tends to drag us down at times. Seeing the flip side can sometimes help but no worries if it doesn’t. I know that I too can forget the positives when I feel anxiety creeping and pumping my heart. Nonetheless, I felt the need to share my thoughts on the subject and hope you enjoyed it. Comment below your thoughts!!!

I’ve also linked a really cool TED talk about all of this below. I hope it provides some insight to the lives of high-functioning anxiety individuals.

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