Chloe and Isabel’s Statement Coin Necklace Must Have

I’m utterly obsessed with coin jewelry. I already have three pieces in my collection, but when I saw this necklace from Chloe and Isabel’s Scottish Highlands collection, my eyes fluttered with love. However, this layered statement is not for the bargain hunters. It’s for ladies that like to invest in luxury statements.

It can be tricky to buy coin necklaces as not all of them are created equal. Though I am a huge fan of Forever21 (one of my favorite stores), their jewelry can be questionable and it was so with their coin jewelry knock-offs. It looked cheap and weak which is disappointing but expected. After all, Forever21 is about selling affordable pieces and honestly – you get what you pay for.


The same goes with investing in Chloe and Isabel jewelry. One thing I can always vouch for as a merchandiser is that our jewelry never has the word “cheap” written into their quality equation. Plus with a lifetime guarantee, you cannot go wrong.

The Heritage statement necklace is a mix of a charm bracelet and the simple coin jewelry trend. This combo has made this statement piece unlike any other on the market. It is urban, eye catching, and unique. Every dangling charm told a story, and the more significant beauties dangling from the strong chain (e.g., the lion) grabbed attention!

Yellow Charlotte Russe Crop Top

As soon as I got this layered statement necklace, I knew my next shoot HAD to incorporate it. Thus these pictures were born. Even though it is fall, it was and continues to be too hot to pretend it is cooler than 80 degrees.

But I found a a long thin sleeve from Charlotte Russe that is perfect for transitional weather into fall for those of you up north experiencing cooler weather. A great feature about the top is that you can adjust the front via the string to show as much or as little belly desired (Read my How to Wear a Crop Top post). I decided to wear it short since the skirt is high-waisted.

Yellow Charlotte Russe Crop Top

Yellow Charlotte Russe Crop Top

Unexpectantly, when I combined the crop top, dark lipstick, skirt, and statement necklace, I had created a gypsie look. Though unplanned, I liked what I saw and hope you do as well! The best part about this elaborate statement necklace is that it will look great on top of sweaters as well. That is how the Chloe and Isabel brand advertises it currently on their website.

I wore this jean skirt in my How To Wear Statement Jewelry post and decided to wear it again to remix an older item with the new. Plus, it is still available on the FashionNova website, so I recommend it! I wore the platforms again because I liked the color though the style may not have been the best choice. It has come in handy this summer, so it is still a great piece to own.

FashionNova High Low Jean Midi Skirt

Are you a bargain hunter or a investor when it comes to jewelry? Comment below!


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