Reassessing Habits Before the Holidays

Brittany Dawn Fitness has inspired me in reevaluating my habits and determining which one of them needs to stay versus go. Usually, this type of self-reflection happens at New Year’s, but really, this should happen quarterly through the year. I imagine it is a great way to check yourself and put your updated priorities in order.

Without further adu, let’s get started!

Immersing into a Good Book

I miss reading good non-fiction. I used to read a lot more when I was younger, and I dearly miss a good story to escape with. Though my household is more movie oriented, I still have opportunities to read on the weekends and take that time for myself.

I recognize that reading inspires and improves my writing. It saddens me that I have not been able to indulge for years! I have read some self-help/business-themed books, but there is nothing like fiction to get the creativity jumpstarted!

Forever21 Horse Print Blouse


Get Outside More

Summer and winter keep me indoors for the most part. The blazing hot sun and the bone-chilling winter winds are too much. However, fall and spring are my favorite months to get outside the house as the temperatures are more moderate.

Both seasons involve change as leaves evolve in color. I love to go hiking during these months and breathe in the fresh air. Even my dogs enjoy these times of year as their paws don’t burn from the pavement and their little thin bodies don’t freeze in the winter.


Depending on myself

Ahhhh… the world’s hardest habit for those not entirely in love with fitness. I have become dependent on the idea that I need a trainer to be successful. But I really want to be self-dependent. Not only is it cheaper but there is a certain satisfaction of being in control. I am training myself to develop discipline – though failing at times – so that I create the habit of going by myself without anyone’s push but my own.

Going to the gym on my own accord is an inconsistent affair. One week I go five days a week and then forget what a gym is the next. Technically, I evaluate my fitness habits every week as I tend to beat myself up. I do recognize that I need to be kinder to myself, but it does get me back in the gym! With the holidays coming around, this habit is especially important.

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Carb Control

I am obsessed with processed foods and carbs. I love them as snacks and sides for a meal. Like Oprah has reiterated in her Weight Watchers commercials – I love bread. I also love pasta and tacos. With those pitfalls, I am in for diet hardship!

To be clear, I will never do a keto or carb-free diet. It is not a healthy, long-term solution that fits my piscatorial lifestyle. Additionally, I do not believe it is the best diet. BUT, I plan on considering cutting back on carbs significantly.

Additionally, I need to stop drinking. Ever since my husband’s 40th birthday party at my house, there has been enough alcohol for every meal. Margaritas for taco night, and wine for spaghetti nights. Both are staple meals in the household, and I quickly noticed it taking hold on my body. My goal is to incorporate more leafy greens and drink more water – both are habits I neglect on a consistent basis.


The OOTD Breakdown

This Forever21 blouse is a great transition piece into fall. As Hurricane Florence has brought more weeks of summer into our fall schedule, this top brings in all the fall vibes without suffering from sweaters in 90-degree weather.

The open back is unique, and fun detail to this blouse and I love the print of orange horses running around. I own nothing like this in my wardrobe! Additionally, the material is loose and breezy, and the tie front feature is flattering for any shape.

I wore a bralette from Forever21 as well which allows me to wear this top comfortably without worries that my bra is showing – it is meant to show. Since this blouse is see-through, bralettes are great way to stay comfortable and fashionable year-round.

Chloe and Isabel Royalty Dangling Earrings

The Chloe and Isabel statement earrings are my favorite feature of this whole OOTD as it is full of loud details. Inspired by the Highlands of Scottland and being a big fan of Outlander, I am IN LOVE with this design. It adds a punch of urban royalty with any outfit!

These Christian Siriano sandals were a STEAL. Though not great for long-term walking, it serves a short-term purpose. Plus, for $10, you can’t beat that price. #Thankspayless

Payless sandals

What do you want to work on before the holidays kick in?


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