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3 Ways to Transition from Summer to Fall

My 30th birthday is this week, and much reflection has occurred. My birthday month has been weird as hurricanes have popped out of nowhere and bringing a second wave of blooming spring weather – all of which have been wreaking havoc on my allergies now that temperatures have dropped. Nonetheless, it has recently been a heartwarming treat as I snuggle up with the family to watch Halloween movies with a nice cup of Chai Tea Latte.

Though late in our state, there are some ways to transition even if global warming makes us jump straight into winter. Below are three ways to make your way into fall warm and stylish.

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Layering Never Goes out of Style

To turn your summer pieces into fall-friendly ensembles, all you have to do is layer! This means wearing a turtleneck crop top underneath a maxi dress or using a sweater to warm up your jumpsuit. Similarly, you can pair an oversized sweater with a skirt and tights. Do this with the two tips listed below, and you will be all set.

Put a Blazer on it

Similar to the layering tip, use a jean jacket, cardigan, or blazer to give you added warmth when you wear a summer dress or tank top. A blazer or trench coat provides a classic and smart look. Alternatively, a jean jacket gives a street vibe. A long cardigan or vest offers a homely style. All of these options provide the same warming effect as temperatures drop. The question of what you want to give off is truly the question.

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Timeless Boots Year After Year

Knee high and over-the-knee boots will never go out of style. It is too smart, sexy and useful for it to go away – thus making it a timeless investment year after year. If you want a little more modesty to ensemble such as a blouse paired with a short corduroy skirt, then throw on a pair of over-the-knee or knee-high boots to cover your legs. You will not only feel better, but you will look chic. The same goes for dresses and even jeans! I have worn these high-top type of boots just to add another layer on top of my pants.

Forever 21 Rainbow Bodicon

Mix Seasonal Accessories

Scarves and hats can turn a t-shirt or blouse into a warm option for going out; especially if you feel super hot in the sun but cold in the shade. If that is your area’s climate, there is a solution.

Along with layering, there is a simpler solution of wearing summer items with winter accessories. An oversized scarf can cover your shoulders and hats can give added warmth especially if made of wool. Tights are also a must-have as you try to wear a maxi or short skirt out and about.

FashionNova Long Jean Jacket

The OOTD Breakdown

This Forever21 mock neck bodycon is perfect for my 30th birthday getaway to D.C. with my girls. The turtle neck is snug as well as the rest of the outfit. If you want more of a relaxed fit, I would size up. Remember when I said rainbow is carrying into fall? The dress gives off a 70s spin due to it’s color pairing especially when I wear it with over-the-knee Steve Madden boots from last year.


I would not recommend these Forever21 earrings. Luckily, they are cheap as they have unraveled after only two uses. Additionally, they twist up and stay bent which is not flattering and obnoxious.

Lastly, I added a FashionNova long, medium-wash, Jean jacket to provide extra warmth. I will either take this or a sweater to stay warm as we go out dancing! I sized down to avoid a baggy look that seems to be happening to every jacket that is similar to this. I end up looking too gangster for my taste.

FashionNova Long Jean Jacket

What do you think of this look?



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