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Best Fall Features You Should Know

The best thing about fall is the spicy and warm scents. There is nothing like creamy and cinnamon-filled aromas encompassing every aspect of the house. I plan on grabbing some fall décor for the living room couch and fireplace to start. I am thinking décor blankets overflowing a basket, red and orange pillows, and candles galore! Along with this, if you want to up your vibe this fall, there are some fun trends that I am here for. Below I have listed the best fall features you should know.

If I had the ideal income, I would reupholster my patio pillows so that I can once again sit outside and enjoy my bug-free backyard with a warm cup of green tea. #oneday

In the meantime, I am stocked up on Chai Lattes since my pumpkin spice coffee days are behind me. There is nothing like a warm and thick chai tea with cinnamon sprinkles to produce cozy-related endorphins – especially after a workout.

My second favorite aspect of fall is wearing sweater dresses again. Sweater dresses are timeless, can be worn with tights for extra warmth, and are always classy even when paired with knee-high or over-the-knee boots. I can wear sports bras every day since the bagginess of the sweater covers my winter fluff figure.

My least favorite aspect about fall is the mosquito and humid-free temperatures. No more hair frizz, sweating and mosquito bites on my butt and other random places I didn’t know those buttheads could access with clothing on. Free of sticky humidity and constantly avoiding boiling weather and hurricanes. Now, it’s time to bundle up in layers, watch the trees turn, and enjoy all the foods that come with the holidays.

When it comes to fashion, I am on the hunt to purchase some petite-friendly, felt hats, knee-high brown and black boots that are not suede, and one or two oversized sweaters paired with overalls! Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog so you can see what I find! After all, mi style es su style.

The OOTD Breakdown

As relayed in my previous post, I decided to pair a long sleep crop top with a ribbed, cotton almost-bodycon, midi dress from Boohoo. Though I wish the straps were convertible, the price tag that went along with this piece made it a keeper. So much so, I bought two in different colors – black and purple. As you can see, I am wearing black and to brighten up the outfit, I used a previously worn item you may recognize from Charlotte Russe. It adds another layer of warmth without bulking out the Boohoo dress.

I paired the outfit with my new cheetah booties from Forever21. They are the perfect addition to any boot collection. Not only are the comfortable, but the kitty heel is sturdy, and the shape is comfortable despite the pointed toe. Perfect for petites, perfect for fall, and perfect for the price! I am absolutely in love with this trend and thus is one of the best fall features.

Unfortunately, I had to give it away to another blogger because, despite my boot-stretching hacks, it did not stretch out enough for me to keep. Had Forever21 not sold out of my size, I would have returned this shoe in a heartbeat and keep forever! Sadly, it is all sold out.

Paired this dress are some GORGEOUS African Safari-inspired earrings that are purposely designed to be a mismatch. I love them so much as they are unique, elegant, and light to wear. It is definitely a piece to own for all seasons as the colors speak to summer’s roasting red-hot safari-like weather and fall and winter dark colors appeal to the orange and brown hues.

What fall feature are looking forward to?



  1. London

    This outfit is the best! You said you were looking for some knee high boots and i got some really cute ones at Gabes last year and I know Boohoo also has some realllyy cute thigh high ones! Also the best chunky sweaters I have Ive found thrifting!! Good luck!

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