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5 Tips to Look Polished for the Office

No matter the message, what you portray at work – especially in a corporate environment – can be detrimental to being noticed despite how hard you work. Unfortunately, for us introverts, perception is everything – socializing, fashion sense, attitude. From my experience, working hard and doing well isn’t always valued at big national brands…on top of acting the part, you got to look the part. Below are 5 Tips to Look Polished for the Office.

Military Blazer and Tweed Purse

Modesty doesn’t mean boring

Modesty doesn’t mean you look like you are part of Great Britain’s royal family covered in tailored, tweed-matching attire. It merely means that you keep your ta-tas and belly hidden as well as your bottoms covering most of your lower half. You don’t want to wear a skirt or dress above the knee, and you don’t want to wear a spaghetti strap or low-cleavage top.

If you are busty, the cleavage part can be a struggle – even for the simplest of blouses. What I do to get around that is wear tank tops underneath so that no matter the neckline, my modesty stays intact. I avoid any silk camisoles with low necklines to avoid slippery accidents unless I can adjust the straps take the hem high up on my chest.

Sometimes, other women get jealous and offended more than men. If they see any remote line in your cleavage, their battle cries will ring in everyone’s ears – making your life much harder. This advice makes it to the 5 Tips to Look Polished for the Office because it is essential in gaining respect from peers.

Military Blazer and tweed purse

Blazer it up

Blazers are the best addition for inside and outside of work. These days, you don’t have to wear a full-blown suit but simply throwing on a $25 blazer can elevate your look and spark interest in the rat race.

When fitted correctly, blazers can add sophistication, respect, and authority in the office. Not to mention, they are easy to style! If you are one to not put a lot of thought into your wardrobe, blazers are a great way to simplify your mornings. Just buy them in different colors to complement some blouses underneath and bam – you will be out the door!

Nowadays, blazers have a dual purpose. To take it from day to night, you can remove whatever shirt you have underneath for a sexy buttoned up look or throw on a t-shirt to take the strict suit look into a more casual avenue. It is an easy transition for those on the go and do not have the time to change before meeting friends at the bar.s

Military Blazer

Silky Blouses tucked into High Waist Pants

I thrift shop most of my working attire at Goodwill. When it comes to getting up every day to sit in a cube, looking the most fashionable isn’t at the top of my list. However, wearing sneakers and a cotton top is not the look I want to sport around the office especially when it gives off a vibe of weakness.

Even in thrift shops, light and silky blouses are easy to find. Some are even see-through, which just means I wear a tank top underneath.

I have even pushed the envelope where I work in which I have worn sleeveless blouses, but because I tuck in my silky shirt in my professional, high waist pants, I still project classic, modest, and modern professionalism. Gage your work culture first before slipping this advice in action. However, this tip has been personally useful to me when thifting and thus makes it to the 5 Tips to Look Polished for the Office list.


Self Care

Self-care is one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle. You don’t want to look like you crawled out of bed; however, I firmly believe women shouldn’t be held at a higher standard then men when it comes to beauty.

I think if you take care of your hair and prep your skin for the day, you will look ready to take on the world. I look my best when I tie my hair up into a bun rather than skipping the hair straightener and letting my waves and crinkles frizz up through the day. Your hair is what helps make you look like you have your life together. It portrays confidence, assertiveness, and trust rather than tousled hair which projects frenzy, incoordination, and distrust.

Military Blazer

Baggy Vs. Tiny Clothes

No one can take another person seriously if you look like you borrowed clothes from a homeless person. Making sure your blouse and pants fit correctly shows you got your ducks in a row. Baggy clothes project laziness whereas clothes that are too tight makes it look like you are asking for negative attention. Take the time and effort to get the right size or at least get it tailored.

Some blazers can come oversized for an editorial look. Some people can get away with this as long as everything underneath the blazer is clean-cut and fitted (and vise versa). However, pairing an oversized blazer with baggy pants has a whole other connotation.

The OOTD Breakdown

This Boohoo Military Tie Belt Blazer was a fun addition to my wardrobe. Not only is it comfortable with its silky texture, but it is feminine once you add the tie belt. The buttons are a bit lose but for the price….it’s reasonable. The military blazer pooches out a bit in the front when you sit but other than that, it is a great blazer to wear to work. I even liked it unbuttoned and wearing it as an oversized blazer. Very chic either way!

To match the blazer, I decided to pair it with another Boohoo piece – a tweed cross-body. I was on the fence about keeping this purse as the hardware is a bit obvious but I loved the colors and fabric enough to keep it. Plus its gold chain matched the buttons of this outfit perfectly.

Boohoo tweed crossbody

I have worn the Chloe and Isabel Disc Pendant and Chain necklace before on Instagram (@mistyle.sustyle), and decided to wear it again but this time without the dangling chains to simplify the look. It’s reflects fit the gold detail of this attire and helped add to the feminine flair.

I applied the same concept for the Pave Curved Bar studs. These studs are also a staple piece as I can always count on them to add some glitz to my earlobes without overdoing it. After all, who wants to wear big chunky earrings to work? Idk, maybe some of you do but I am lazy!

Those are my top 5 tips to getting seen in the office via your attire. Hope they help. Comment down below if you have your own tips not mentioned as well. Have any of you done any of the above?

Chloe and Isabel Coin Necklace

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