What are you wearing for New Year’s Eve?

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New Year’s Eve may be a month ahead, but time is slipping by if you haven’t bought your tickets to a New Year’s Eve bash!

It has always been a bucket list item of mine to get hella dressed and attend a formal event – preferably with a skyline ( I have a thing for city sites).

I imagine cold bubbly in my hands as I relive a more lavish and mature resemblance of prom but this time -with my handsome husband.

This will soon be coming true for me in Raleigh this year and hopefully Charlotte the next.

I am actually more excited to see Michael (husband) in his new Express suit that we snatched on sale. The weird part is that each piece cost an exorbitant amount originally but none of the pieces had actual pockets! Mike is going to get it altered to fit a pocket square but if I had paid $350 original price for a suit jacket, I would be pissed to not have real pockets!

I digress.

If you are going to spend New Year’s, as I did in previous years, cozy in front of the TV covered in pimple cream and other skincare, good for you! Stay tuned for a comfy, snuggly attire coming your way that will also be perfect for the holidays.

However, if you are looking to attend a fancy affair, I would recommend looking into FashionNova which is where I got this number. It is a shame they don’t have this silver option for a more NYE tone but the black, navy and red options are still great colors to help you stand out in the crowd.

This Love Sex Magic Velvet dress is not for the meek and probably not the best for dancing seeing as the leg slit goes up really high. Even during this shoot, I had to readjust because I was paranoid my special bits would play peek a boo to passersby.

Luckily, no game took place but if you plan on dancing, I would highly recommend an undergarment and/or getting it stitched up for security. Fashionnova is known for ultra-sexy attire so as a seasoned customer, it would not be the first time I alter a piece for more modesty.

If you are self conscious about your belly, I would opt for the Never Ending Night version of this dress. It has ruching on the tummy and the leg slit is not as pronounced.

I did not wear a body shaper as the ones I have flatten my bum dramatically. I am still on the search for something that sucks in the tummy but keeps the important goods in it’s best shape. Stay tuned for that discovery – should it come.

The sexy, low cut neck is a show stopper but may require some boob tape to 1.) Keep the girls in place and 2.) Raise the girls to an optimum position. I opted for none of these for this shoot, which I regret.

Overall, I love the silhouette of this dress. It is overly revealing for those of you that are proud of your legs and tatas. Additionally, the velvet fabric and long sleeves keep you warm if you are in a climate that is not friendly to party attire.

I paired this gown with long Chloe and Isabel Riverstone statement earrings as I thought the blues and sparkles spoke to the silver hues well. Had I had the matching ring this ring, the ensemble would have really been complete.

I hope you liked this look! I have another one coming up of what my husband I will actually be wearing for New Year’s Eve this year. I am so excited to snap some formal attire as we haven’t done since our wedding. Stay tuned!

Also, if you are interested in being part of a holiday giveaway (Target prize) follow me on Instagram at Mistyle.Sustyle so you can enter to win! Post will be coming up shortly.

Otherwise, tell me your New Year’s Eve plans via comment below!


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