5 Simple Remedies to Improve Insomnia

All things lavender.

This will be a common theme in my list below and has been very impactful in my insomnia journey.

If you are familiar with my anxiety post, you would know that I am very much aware of the high-stressors of the mind. So much so, that it can cause me to lie awake in bed for several hours depending on the severity of thoughts.

Below are my favorite and effective remedies to help me fall asleep so I can wake up well-rested enough to function the next day.

Lavender Tea

I have found that lavender tea puts me out. Its effectiveness is almost magical to me and I hope my body never becomes immune to it. After I drink a steamy cup or two, I am out in 30 minutes – especially when in a relaxed state like watching a movie. The tea not only makes my eyes heavier, but it is also soothing.

Happy Candle Smells

I light soothing candles to put me in a happy state. I gravitate toward creamy and spicy smells like pumpkin spice or coconut. I think maybe it might be a Pavlov effect where once I smell it, my body knows what state to get into.

If you have a particular smell that calms you, light that candle 10 minutes before you turn off the lights. It’s aroma will help aid in calming your body and mind.

Calm Noises

The Calm app on my smartphone is a godsend. This has not only helped me fall asleep but has helped me sleep in the same room with people that snore or are rude enough to keep noises around sleeping hours. It works even better with headphones for full effect.

If you have neighbors making a ruckus or just need some calming sounds, this app is wonderful in keeping your mind to stay still. My favorite collection of sounds is rainfall. Combine that with some smelly and yummy lavender and I am dead for the night.

Good Workout

I would not recommend working out right before bed as it will give you a gust of energy. However, if you feel your anxiety particularly strong earlier in that day, I urge you to go work out several hours before bedtime.

Put all that extra energy into your treadmill, jump squats, and weights. I guarantee a full hour of working out will help push out that bouncing energy from your body so you can wind down easier that night. It’s like settling the waters so all the other stuff outlined above can really have a chance to work.


Obviously, if you are in a state where Cannabis is legal, weed can be a huge help to those suffering from anxiety and even insomnia.

I am not a scientist but I know that it causes the body and mind to simultaneously chill out so you can rest easy in bed. No distracting thoughts, no restless leg syndrome, just a warmth that causes you to smile as you fall asleep. However, if you are in a state that makes this illegal, you can skip this step.

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