Why Blazers Make Great Holiday Gifts

I have collected a variety of blazers this past year, and I still have a hunger for more. No other piece of clothing screams authority, confidence, and ambition than a well-cut blazer.

Like high-waisted pants, blazers offer a variety of looks from throwing sophistication around in the office, to quick drinks at the bar, to a day out at the mall – the blazer never fails to provide a polished touch for any occasion.

Below are three reasons why blazers make amazing gifts!

Leopard blazer

The Obvious

Like the title insinuates, blazers are a staple for any business to business-casual office atmosphere. Though blazers have been and continue to be icons in the male fashion industry, women have been making it their own, and I enjoy seeing the variations of femininity implemented in every outfit.

Now, it has become a must-have for every woman’s closet. It not only makes dressing easier in the morning but when it fits right, it demands attention and respect – perfect for business meetings and presentations.

Pair this with some high waist trousers, khakis, or pleated pants, and you have yourself a look! Therefore, if the person you are gifting works in an office, this is a great gifting option to add to their wardrobe!

Leopard blazer

Business to Bar Transformation

Whether you are going to the bar or out clubbing with your friends, blazers have made it onto the scene. Wear it with a lacy bra, tube top, or a low-cut bodysuit, and you will grab attention. Additionally, some blazers bring the party on their own. There are some pieces with glitter, sparkles, and glamorous patterns.

There is minimal effort when it comes to transforming an outfit that includes a blazer – especially when it comes in a set. All you have to do is tear off that blouse or cami, and you are ready to party. Great for single ladies that hit the bars to have a great time. It is not only classy but also sexy way to wear a blazer.

Leopard blazer

Casual with a Touch of Class

T-shirts can rise to the occasion when you pair a blazer with it. Though I am not much for the huge logo trend on t-shirts, I have seen many bloggers rock that trend. I prefer designs that are not logos or plain t-shirts to wear underneath the blazer. Either way, wearing blazers with a t-shirt have been one of my favorite ways to wear a blazer.

leopard blazer

Though I have to wear turtleneck sometimes for snowy days, t-shirts and tank tops can be a great way to tone done such a formal piece of clothing. Additionally, pairing blazers with a good pair of form-fitting jeans are so chic and sexy that I am addicted to the look!

Even if your person does not go to the office or doesn’t go clubbing, gifting a blazer may seem against that person’s nature. However, blazers are a great opportunity to show that even t-shirts can be accessorized with outerwear.

Leopard blazer

OOTD Breakdown

I decided to try out NastyGal and retrieved this gorgeous leopard blazer! It is silky-soft, and though isn’t the warmest, it is perfect as many places blaze heat during winter months. When spring/summer hits, then you can add some sauciness to the outfit for a night out in the town! If you are interested, check it out now as they not only run 60% off their styles, but they sell out of pieces fast!

Leopard blazerBoho Blu belt

I added the Boho Blu belt that resembles Gucci to bring in the gold tones of the earrings. It also helps break up the outfit and holds up my jeans perfectly. I also added these Lolli Couture over-the-knee boots from Amazon that I got last winter to elongate my legs as its heels brought me height and the black tied into the blazer.

I wore these royal statement earrings in my habits post, and had to bring them about again as they went beautifully with the belt.

Chloe and Isabel statement earrings

Hope this convinces you why blazers are great! If you want to stay in touch, subscribe to my newsletter today!



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