5 Trendy Fashion Gifts for the Holidays

I was sitting at my desk when I realized I hadn’t written a fall and winter trend post. What better time than now as holidays are around the corner.

For those of you scratching your heads on what to buy for your families and friends, this is a list of trendy fashion items to give this year. If you are interested in more thoughtful gifts, please refer to my Valentine’s post as it still applies to holiday gift giving.

High Waist Corduroy

High-waist Corduroy Pants

Similar to my high waist jeans and high waist paperboy pants I wore in summer, you can now have their perfect cold-weather version in corduroy. Not only is its sister a warm and comfortable alternative, but corduroy high-waist pants make a great item to pull out ever winter.


Like my past blog states, blazers make great gifts! They are not only elegant and chic, but they are very versatile. This is a great time to buy blazers for a loved one as there are many different versions of them. Silky blazers are really in right now. They are not only sleek but a useful layering piece no matter the season.

Animal Print Booties

Booties that have animal print are crazy adorable. I am particularly fond of the faux leopard print. I even have a blogger friend who bought faux snake-skin sandals several years ago and now that snake skin is back to being on trend- now she can pull them right back out and be in style!

Therefore, despite animal prints being considered a “temporary trend,” I firmly believe that it won’t be long before it is considered a hot item again. Plus, when you buy shoes or accessories with bold patterns, they make much better investments than bold clothing as they can accentuate the outfit.

Bold Buckle Belts

Gucci belts, in particular, have been a popular image that you may be familiar with. They add such pizazz and high-fashion quality to any outfit; you would be amazed.

However, if that is out of your price range like it is for me, there are other solutions. I kept an eye out for belts that had large, gold buckles until I came across a Boho Blu belt for only $15! You can’t beat that price. Also, belts are useful as they not only keep your pants up and accessorizes your outfit, but they are great for adding shape to a bulky sweater or dress.

Suede Hats

Brim fedoras, cabby hats, and berets are all the fav on Instagram as much as the Gucci belts. They are not only fashionable but entirely on trend and a great way to keep the head warm this winter. Even if you do not live in a cold climate, a lightweight version of the three is a great way to shield your face from the sun while staying on trend.

OOTD Breakdown

I found these gorgeously blue, cordory pants from NastyGal and paired it with a long sleeve bodysuit from Charlotte Russe. Both at crazy-affordable prices that went perfectly together. Wearing black is one of my favorite colors to wear and sometimes I like to pair it with bold colors to make the outfit really pop. As much as I enjoy others rock the neutral vibe, I can’t! I live in colors as they give a different tone and feel.

This statement necklace is inspired by India when Chloe and Isabel dedicated a season to the country. I love the lotus design feel and the bold colors that matched perfectly with the pants and lipstick. Though no longer for sale on the website, it is bold statement pieces like these that I can always count on to bring back no matter the trends or time of year – they are just too damn pretty to be ignored. Visit my mom’s C&I boutique if your interested in more statement pieces!

Lastly, I wore some black booties that would go well with short or high heel. This one in particular is a short one that I got from Rack Room Shoes and only for $30! Couldn’t resist their BOGO sale and have used it numerous times already.

I hope this post helps you as the holidays get closer! If you liked this post, please subscribe to my monthly newsletter!


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