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10 Fun and Weird Facts about Me

Merry Christmas! I figured as you all enjoyed the holiday’s with friends and family, I would also give you a window into who I am by providing fun 10 facts about me. Hope you enjoy!


Unless you have cute baby feet, I pretty much think your feet are horrendous. I don’t even like my own feet. I just try to keep them in the best condition as possible.

My worst memories about feet involve sitting in class during college years and then smelling Fritos reeking off of someone’s exposed hairy, caveman feet. I don’t know what makes me not admire the look of the foot but I do appreciate its functionality.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful I can walk, paint my toes, and carry forth. But as a whole, I do not relish in the look of the human putters.


Traveling and seeing the world’s most beautiful features is a reawakening joy I crave all the time. I have friends that travel and all I can do is envy their ability to see, hear and touch new places. I think next year, I am due for some fun. Last year, I put traveling on hold for several reasons and I think it’s time to break the rules.

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I don’t like a lot of stuff or people squeezed in a small space. Sometimes it’s even the little things that give me discomfort. For example, going to the mall or walking down a hall during a rainy day. People’s shoes squeak and swish from stepping outside. My blood pressure goes up in this scenario. Or when I was on a cruise ship and the crew made passengers stand for an hour for a drill. I was placed in the middle and there were so many people sardined together I almost passed out! Even now I rather wait on another elevator if one looks remotely half full.

Dystopian themed stories

I don’t know why but inside of me is this passion to stick it to the man. I have this rebel heart that says, “SCREW THEM!” I don’t know why as I am very much a stickler for rules. I don’t break the law or seek anything that would get me in trouble. However, throw me 1984 or put on Handmaid’s Tale and I am HOOKED. I just love the idea of breaking free from oppressors.

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Food mixing

Yes. I am one of THEM. I do NOT like to mix my curry with my rice. I take one bite of each one after another in a perfect sequence.

During Thanksgiving, I do NOT mix my food and instead take a bite of each section that I have piled on my plate. Call it OCD, but I call it ultimate enjoyment of food. I just like to enjoy each taste and what emotions it provides. When you mix it all together, you miss some notions of what makes the food yummy to begin with. Am I thinking too much into this? More than likely. But I am who I am!

Married with two Italian Greyhounds

I convinced Michael to get a furbaby when he saw Kermit (Italian Greyhound) in a Youtube video with Jenna Marbles. He instantly fell in love with the breed. It’s funny. We used to think the greyhound line was an ugly dog. But to us then ans now, weirdness is beauty. Not too long after that discovery, I found Mei Li – a blue coat Italian Greyhound sweetheart with a curved tail. She has been my loyal follower ever since.

After a while, as much as I spoiled Mei Li by bringing her to daycare, I thought it would be great to get dog #2 so she can have someone to play with. I have always thought it be interesting to own two dogs and with how deeply Mei Li and I bonded, Michael wanted his own pup to bond to – hence Lucia’s entrance into the family. She is a fawn, Italian Greyhound.

Mei Li is my obedient, shark-eyed soldier and Lucia is my smart, mischievous deer. Those two really help make the Joyce household complete.

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Collarbone sensitivity

I hate anything that brushes up tightly against my collarbone. Thus, I NEVER wear t-shirts. If I do, it must be so dang light that I can barely feel it. Turtlenecks tend to be ok as they are light as well. But yeah, I hate touching that part of my area and having anything laying there for long periods of time.

Puerto Rican with a dash of Cuban

My family is from Puerto Rico. My dad is half Cuban though so that is where my “dash” comes from. I love aspects of my culture and where I come from. I love being Latina and my skin color – I wear it with pride.

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When I see elephants, my heart melts. When I see them suffer, I weep…a lot. There is something that connects me so deep with that species that I cannot deny that there is a spiritual connection with them. Perhaps their eyes remind me of my pups, or maybe it’s their smart and emotional intelligence that I admire, either way, I am obsessed with them.

My ultimate bucket list item is to go to the DWST in Kenya and meet some of the elephant orphans I have fostered in the past. It is my favorite organization to follow, contribute, support, and talk about. They are very in-tuned with social media and keep all the foster parents informed in an adorable newsletter about each elephant and their wellness. It is an inspirational organization and I will never stop supporting their hard-working efforts.

Women’s Self Defense

If it wasn’t for my husband, I would be missing out on the most important change in my life. Learning and then teaching women self-defense. It has made me more aware, more in-tuned with my body, and has made me feel safe knowing that I can defend myself. Doesn’t mean I won’t flinch if I ever – heaven forbid – get attacked. But I know what my options are and have trained in my body to automatically react from a flinch posture.

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The OOTD Breakdown

This green, sweater maxi dress is from FashionNova. I love this piece especially for the holidays and even more so for this winter. You can totally get away with layering underneath without sacrificing your silhouette as well.

FashionNova Green Sweater Maxi Dress

These big gold earrings I discovered via Instagram from an account called Brilu’s Accessories. The earrings are a bit heavy for a special night out, they are quite gorgeous statements.

FashionNova Green Sweater Maxi Dress

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