5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About 2018

To celebrate 2018, I thought I would write a post reflecting on this past year. Last year, I wrote about my unique approach to bringing in the new years but this time I wanted to do more of a reflection. I hope this blog helps you reflect on 2018 as well.

Have a happy New Year’s Eve and day!

Champagne Lace Gown

Adulting never gets easier

I don’t think this concept will ever sink in. The child in me wants to live life freely without worry. But as new challenges pop out of the bushes, Mike and I have to try to navigate every new situation with our adult hats on.

With health and car insurance mishaps, to adjusting loans, and other tedious tasks, Mike and I have moaned and groaned our way through.

Express Blue Performance Suit

Dog fever never goes away

I can’t stop wanting more animals in my house. I now want a long-haired dachshund in my home or maybe even a pig! I even went to the pet store recently and saw kittens. My eyes turned into heart-shaped emojis…I may be an addict.

New Years Couples Outfit

Be prepared to encounter stupid people

This is an important one. With politics out on the table for the worse, people who I thought loved me side with politics geared to hurt people like me. It is disheartening and was a rough year trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

But as my co-worker says, C’est la vie! The best I can do is try to keep my cool and realize you can’t help people that are for destructive policies or ignorant on mental health.

Champagne Lace Gown

Don’t put your life on hold for others

Everyone makes bad decisions. Putting your life on hold because you want to be there when they fall is ridiculous. I should have taken my vacation, but I was ridden with guilt.

Now that the year is ending, I am going to live my life and not let anything or anyone hold me back. Watch out ICELAND 2019!!!

Express Blue Performance Suit

Start reinvesting in savings

I stopped adding to my 401k because I wanted to achieve other financial goals. It turns out, it will take longer than I anticipated to reach my goals, so I have started reinvesting in several different saving options to keep that side up until I am ready to retire.

The OOTD Breakdown

Mike’s suit is from Express and his tie set is from Amazon. Doesn’t he look dashing?! I was in awe when he wore this ensemble for our shoot as he usually just wears shorts and a t-shirt. Cue wifey swoon…

Anyhoo, I definitely had to get this Anastasia Lace gown hemmed but it is comfortable! The pumps are Steve Madden and a gold glitter which matches the dress – although the shoes snag on the dress at times.

Champagne Lace Gown

The Royal Thistle earrings are from my mom’s Chloe and Isabel shop and they perfectly tie in my husband’s blue suit with my champagne gown.

The tweed crossbody clutch is from Boohoo, which is worn in my previous post. Though not my favorite hardware, the colors went perfectly with my gown.

Note: Sorry for the grainy pics, we did this so last minute that the sunlight was going down and we are not night photography experts.

Champagne Lace Gown

The Classic Button coat is from FashionNova which is currently sold out. But you can sign up for notifications when they restock.

If interested in another formal but more sexier option, check out this post.

New Years Couples Outfit

What do you wish someone told you this past year?



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