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6 Useful Life Hacks That Will Save You Money

If your resolution is to be better about saving money, I have some little hacks you could use that will not only help financially on a small-scale, but also help the environment, and help you in a crunch.

Tea tree oil your life

I use tea tree oil for EVERYTHING. I am like the distant cousin from the the My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie, but instead of spraying Windex on everything, I spray a bottle of diluted tea tree oil.


Tea tree oil is antibacterial which you can even use a form of deodorant. Though I prefer other types of antiperspirant, I do use this to help wipe down countertops, tables, and mopping. It is a HUGE saving that allows you to cut out costs for countertop and floor cleaners, dusting sprays, and if you are into it…hand sanitizer. No harmful chemicals for you or your family.

I pour 4-5 drops – depending on size – into a container of choice, fill the rest of the container with water, and swirl. That simple!

Teddy bear coat

Recycle old plastic bags

Do you buy bags for the bathroom trash cans or other little trash bins around the house? Do you even buy doggy trash bags to pick up poop?

Stop now!

You don’t have to buys those when you can easily reuse plastic shopping bags. If you use cloth or any other durable shopping bag to help the environment, you can still help out. Whenever you go to the grocery, try to find a recycling plastic bags bin. We will always have people who refuse to use non plastic bags. All you have to do is reach in and take a few bags to place around your house and pick up dog poop. Boom! Free resource.

Teddy bear coat

Subscribe to Birchbox

When you receive packages in the mail, it is like Christmas. So why not get a subscription box where you can get samples of beauty and makeup goodies? With Birchbox, there’s an option for men and women.

For only $10 a month, you can have legit, travel-size samples of up-and-coming and existing brands. I get all that I need every month, and when I am sampled out, I can stop and resume much later. I find that Birchbox not only prevents me from investing in life-size products but when I go on a trip, I already have what I need to go!

Teddy bear coat

Rediscover TJ MAXX

If you are spending $20 on beauty blenders, you are losing on a lot of savings. If you are paying $15-$20 on eyelashes, you are also missing a lot of money especially when TJ MAXX has a beauty sale section where you can get beauty blenders for less than $10, eyelash sets for $8 and jade rollers for $10. I am not saying that everything at TJ MAXX is gold, but there are some products there that if you snoop around and try it out, you will be pleasantly surprised like I was!

Teddy bear coat

Starbucks cheating

Every time you visit a site that helps you figure out what frivolous expenses you can cut out – one of those points is usually Starbucks; or any coffee shop that charges $4-5 a pop. But sometimes, we need a damn good cup of coffee (for me it is chai tea).

What I used to do is order a grande Blonde Double shot on Ice and then go home and split it with my home milk and creamer. That alone breaks the caffeine into more human-grade samples and provides TWO servings for the price of one.

Teddy bear coat

Baby powder backup

Ran out of dry shampoo or want to extend its longevity? Look to baby powder as an alternative. When I am too tired to wash my hair on its due date but do not want to break out, I use the pillow sheet method and then rub in baby powder in my roots. Your hair may look white, but if you do it before you go to sleep, you give the baby powder time to absorb your oils and then the color becomes faint. When you wake up, you will have much less oily hair and the white residue left over should be minimal. There you have it – a Dry shampoo hack; old school.

Teddy bear coat

The OOTD Breakdown

The long teddy coat is from FashionNova and was a godsend. Though I had a warm New Years evening, it was a great backup to have for an elegant dress. I loved how soft it was and oversized to help it fit anything. Though it is out of stock now, I have linked some alternatives below. Earrings I listed in this post.

What hacks do you have?


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