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3 Useful Home Technologies I Cannot Live Without

I write this as my power has just been turned back on from being MIA since 4:00 am. While marble-sized hail taps my back porch, I am waiting for the house to warm up.

I am sitting on the couch that lies before my fireplace that dwindles and blazes back and forth but I am ecstatic to have power back on. I cannot imagine families without it and realize how truly blessed I am.

In honor of this snowy mix, and my NASA-themed outfit, I decided to talk about luxury items I cannot live without. Of course, water, heat, and power to cook are more important, but that wouldn’t be an exciting topic for a blog. So I cued the dramatics and decided to talk about three technologies I worked hard to earn and enjoy in my home. Hope you enjoy!

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The DeeBot to my DeeDee

I call the fifth member of the Joyce household – DeeDee. My husband always says he knows I am home when she roams about the house gently nudging the furniture and getting stuck underneath the kitchen chairs.

DeeDee is short for Deebot which is a floor cleaner that sweeps dirt on wood and carpet so you don’t have to sweep or vacuum as often. She can even mop – though I haven’t worked out that feature.

The truth is, I got her from a nice pawn shop. I have two dogs that shed and a husband that never takes his shoes off. Therefore, when confronted with a harrowing decision to choose between using my points on a floor cleaner versus a lightly-used, Michael Kors purse, I decided on practicality. I have never looked back since! DeeDee continues to sit on a golden throne as the most helpful luxury machinery in my house. I even got my parents one.

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Where’s the Tile?

I am very forgetful of where I put my phone (which is ironic because I take it with me everywhere) and would struggle to find it around the house constantly – until my husband and I discovered Tile.

Though not an expensive addition, this small and square piece of technology has been such a useful device! All you have to do is hook it to a keychain and if you lose your phone, you can press the Tile to make your phone ring even when on silent.

It also works the other way around. If I were to misplace my keys, I can refer to my phone to have the keys sound an alarm as well. At such an affordable price, I would highly recommend adding this piece of technology to your life.

2-in-1 Volumizer

The Revlon Hair Dryer is not just any hair dryer, it is a brush and dryer in one! Though a heavy device overall, I still end up reaching out for it when it is time to dry my hair.

To protect my hair, I let my hair air dry. When it gets frizzy and on my nerves, I go to my vanity to finish the job. That is when I use the Revlon hair dryer. The blow dryer not only takes whatever wetness is left over out, but styles my hair with volume quickly. Now it only takes me 10 minutes to get the job done and I love it!

NASA Crop Top

The OOTD Breakdown

This whole outfit was inspired by this NASA crop top that I found at Forever21. I own NOTHING like it. They didn’t have a medium but enjoyed the comfort of a large anyways, so I decided to go for it especially since I have gained some weight. I paired it with some FashionNova high-waist cargo pants as well.

I can really appreciate athleisure looks. It is comfortable, sporty, and at times sexy – especially with heels. These Steve Madden heels are an old pair but a perfect way to elongate my frame and feminized the whole outfit – although combat boots would have looked cute too!

NASA Crop Top

I hope this was an interesting post. If you have any topics or looks you would like to see, please comment below and let me know.

What are some technologies you cannot live without?


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