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Is Your Valentine’s Gift Thoughtful? Apply 4 Traits that Say You Care

A proclamation of love and/or affection does not mean you need to drop thousands or hundreds of dollars on a gift for Valentine’s Day.

However, chocolates and flowers may not say everything you need to. Besides my last gift list, I decided to gather characteristics of what makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift. That way, you can think outside the box as you apply these principles to your brainstorming sessions.

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Problem solver

I must preface to not buy your loved one boring du-dads. Getting your boo a mitten to wash their car is not cute nor sweet. Anything that simply eliminates the need to go to the store is not in the thoughtful arena. Instead, think bigger.

For example, does your significant other say they are lacking motivation or inspiration? Perhaps they are going through a tough time and are feeling down?

You can get them a bullet journal or planner with quotes that help motivate and inspire them every day. The message you send is that you listen and you want to help improve this person’s life when they are struggling. Instead of chocolates to pig out, you can contribute to their overall well-being….or do both!

Hobby helper

Adding to someone’s collection is a great way to not only help them progress but also make a stamp in their lives forever.

For example, I would stay away from cheap art scissors for scrapbookers and instead invest in a whole new book dedicated for a future trip they will in embark on. Or if your love is into collecting swords, you could go all out and buy them a super-swank sword they were eyeing on Pinterest or purchase fencing classes.

Either way, you are thinking of helping this other person improve in their life and you are doing so because you understand what is important to them. That alone, can mean the world and communicate that you pay attention.

Boho Blu Striped Jumpsuit

Bucket List Scratcher

This is a big gesture and is great for long-term relationship couples. What is one thing that your spouse wishes they could do? Is it in your power to do it? Do you have the finances to do it? If the answer is yes, you might have the best gift of all time!

If my husband surprised me with tickets to visit an elephant nursery, I would die from happiness. That is my ultimate bucket list item!

However, that is also wildly expensive and if not in your budget, please do NOT credit card that shit. Instead, think about other more reachable bucket list items you can tackle with this person. This gesture to me says I want to experience life with you and make your dreams come true! (To save money for online purchases, read this post.)

Boho Blu Striped Jumpsuit

Cheesy Gestures

If your loved one dotes on romance then maybe you should surprise them with a romantic gesture. I am not saying stand on a table and sing for them….but maybe? Anything can be sweet on this level.

Depending if your person likes an audience or not, that will gear you in the right direction. My husband once created a treasure hunt for me with a map (maybe riddles too – can’t remember), and that was wonderfully cute that he would go out of his way to craft up a plan and hand-make the materials.

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The OOTD Breakdown

I usually don’t like to invest in jumpsuits because of my short frame but this striped Jude jumpsuit from BohoBlue was love at first sight. The pattern makes me look taller than 4’11” body. The tie waist feature slenderized my waist BUT the legs were too long – unfortunately, I had to get it hemmed. C’est la vie for petites!

Comment down below what is the most thoughtful gift you have ever received.



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