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The Impact of The Fyre Festival Documentary on Blogging

Netflix recently launched a documentary that has taken the influencer market by storm. In case you haven’t watched it yet, the documentary is about how a luxury music festival utterly failed at delivering to their consumers a private island with glamorous cabanas, fancy dinners, and 5-star entertainers.

The music festival’s purpose was to promote the Fyre app and website which centered on booking talent for special events; thus connecting people with entertainers easily.

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The Failure

Though the app had good intentions, it was clear from the beginning that the concept of the music festival was on a fast-track to failure.

In my experience, the moment you keep people out of the loop – integral people – is the moment you are destined to fail. Though the festival had a lot of potential, the lack of communication with important parts of the company turned the festival into a fraudulent event that tainted the whole company as untrustworthy.

Because of this, attendees, who had spent thousands and thousands of dollars to participate, ended up stranded (not enough transportation) on the Bahamas (instead of the promised private island), had to fight for crappy tents (not enough tents to serve the population and were not luxury cabanas), and some were hungry (not enough food for the attendees). Millions of dollars were lost that these people would never get back.

I am deflated on how these people were taken advantage of by some doughboy-looking con-artist. My heart goes out to those who tried to salvage the situation but I am at disbelief that the event transpired as it did.

I do remember seeing it on the news but it was such a speckle of time that I barely remembered it until this Fyre documentary launched.

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My frustration of the influencer industry

I have to admit – I sometimes feel like I am chasing a ghost. Although everyone successful in the industry says there is still a very strong heartbeat for bloggers, sometimes it feels challenging to stand out from the pack. Instagram for one – is very misleading and often makes me feel like giving up.

You have all these so-called “influencers” trying to fight for the coin and I can’t blame them. But they saturate the market with their low-quality, after-thought photos, fake followers, botted comments, and constant need to sell items they would not buy themselves. No connection, no purpose, just product pushing while cheating.

Meanwhile, I am busting my butt to schedule photo shoots, find clothes that are on-brand, post-processing and editing photos to the best of my ability for a consistent theme, and publish a fresh post every week about topics that I think holds some weight other than… “look what I am wearing.” I never collab, reach out to brands, nor accept offers that I do not believe in. I do all of this while working full time elsewhere.

NastyGal Blue Oversized Sweater

For example, I got invited to review the National Pawn Shop and Orange Theory Fitness. Because I also thrift, the pawn shop sounded like a great fit for my brand.

Additionally, I have a series of fitness blogs that would go well with a review on Orange Theory. Both happen to be in the realms of what I write or promote and just so happen to be something I enjoyed.

However, had the pawn shop been stinky and messy, they wouldn’t have liked what I had to say or I wouldn’t have a post talking about them; the same applies with Orange Theory Fitness.

Couple Instagram’s faux perceptions of what it means to be an influencer with the Fyre documentary, the outlook for the industry seems bleak.

However, many people that are already successful or are leading figures think that events like this will evolve the market to be more transparent, honest, and responsible. I will keep a pulse on it and keep moving forth but sometimes these types of problems that arise on the daily can keep any dreamer low on the boss babe fuel.

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Clarification on influence

Though I am frustrated with the industry, I plan on continuing the fight. Additionally, I would also like to bring to light a couple of points that people seem to get wires crossed on.

First of all, models are celebrities and though they have influence, they are not on the same level as regular people with a business in blogging and influencing.

Though models and influencers promoted the event, both had no idea that the festival was going to be such a failure. These people were paid to do a job. With millions of dollars being poured into it, who would have thought that it was going to be such a cluster fuck.

If your friend got you amped to go to the fair and it turned out to be a bust, would you distrust your friend and blame them for the fair burning down? No, it happened to just turn out to be a freak show! How was your friend to know? I think this same concept applies to the Fyre festival and all those involved to promote it.

Lastly, bloggers and influencers that were able to go and participate in the event had to endure the shit show that ensued. So do not think that they got off scott-free. These people promoted an event – most for FREE and not by choice – to only have their business tainted and their followers disappointed.

The OOTD Breakdown

The magnetic, royal-blue, oversized sweater dress gives me life! It is comfortable and has one of my favorite features of any turtle neck…over-the-top big! There’s something chic and sophisticated about it that I gravitate toward – not to mention the breathable, stretchy fabric helps you hide any winter fluff.

I snagged the Emotions, high-heeled, over-the-knee boots from Dillards Clearance that is tucked away in High Point, NC. Though the store itself was a bit overwhelming, I was able to find some good shoes at affordable prices – like this one.

Fanny packs are not going away! They will be here for at least two more seasons and I am here for it. If you have a trip to an amusement park or any fun activity like it, belt bags and fanny packs will become your useful and stylish best friend. Steve Madden, in particular, had never let me down in his style and thus here I am whipping out another one of his pieces.

Comment below if you saw Fyre and how it has made you feel about the market – blogger or follower-wise.


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