How to Make KISS Press-on Nails Last Two Weeks

Press-on nails have gotten a bad rap. Walking around with a missing nail is not a fun experience – and it happens. But after my fiasco with nail salons, I decided that SNS and gel polish were not for me.

With press-on nails, I have found a way to make it last two full weeks without damaging my natural nails. Additionally, by the end of it, you won’t have to endure walking around with one or two fingers raw. You will be able to easily pull them all off so you can avoid giving that bare nail side eye!

Warning message about yanking fake nails off

Application after water-related tasks

I always apply my press-on nails AFTER I shower, clean the dishes, and after I do anything that involves water. I do this because I want to avoid getting water in between the nail glue and my nail bed. My theory is that when I first apply my fake nails, the water can 1.) dissolve the glue somehow or 2.) create a space for fungus, infection, and other unpleasant sicknesses.

Before the great snooze

Applying your fake nails before bed allows for time for the glue to dry. After pressing down on each nail a good bit of time, going to sleep will give the glue time to stick. Otherwise, if you start to lift heavy objects or do anything that causes the fake nail to lift from your nail bed, you risk weakening the glue and thus shortening the longevity of your press-on nails.

Kiss matte nude nails

Short VS long press-on nails

For some, I know the whole point for doing your nails is to add length. I get it. Having long nails makes you feel like elegance, feminine, and money. But I have a theory on long press-on nails. I have noticed that the longer the press-on nails are, the shorter the lifespan it has to stick to your fingertips.

My trick is to buy the short press-ons. I think the shortness of the fake nail lacks the leverage that causes the longer ones to lift when I lift medium-heavy objects, type, and perform other tasks.

Kiss matte nude nails

With short nails, you decrease 1.) the chance of lifting and more importantly 2.) damage to your natural nail. Plus the benefits of typing like an average person is always a benefit. I will say that I am very rough and clumsy so having shorter length bodes well for me. However, you can try the medium-length styles if you are more delicate and aware of your movements.

Short nail tip

Layer the press-on nail glue

The more glue you layer on, the stronger the fake nail will stay on your nailbed. However, be wary of spreading too much on the ends and cuticles as the excess glue will ooze out and make the whole application of your fake nails a sticky and messy affair.

Nail glue tip

Nail glue tip

My Favorites

Kiss press-on nails are the most available and accessible. My favorites are hands-down the matte, short nail lengths. I not only get covered in compliments but I love how chic they are. If you are more of a flashy girl, then you will have a much harder time finding any fake nails with a short length.

With that said, here are some favorites:

I will say that shopping in person at a drug store gets you the best price as sometimes there is a buy one get one free offer. Also, you find WAY more styles. That is how I have found most of my matte press-on nails.

Do you wear press on nails? Comment below!

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