Cotton Striped high waist pants

5 Powerful Mantras for Anxiety that Changed Me

If you are part of the Mi Style Su Style family, the topic of anxiety is not a stranger to you. As a fashion blogger, I always want to discuss subjects of more substance that drive passion, empowerment, and feeling.

Therefore, I wanted to add another post to the vault only this time about mantras for anxiety that help me take a deep breath when my heart is racing.

Additionally, if you follow me on Instagram, then you would also not be surprised that I have made a whole blog post about quotes as every Instagram picture has a quote to start.

Quotes have always impacted on me and though I am not the best at remembering the classics or the greats, I know that they hold weight in my constant self-reflection.

I know the following mantras for healing won’t change you in an instant, but over time if you repeat some of these as my mother did for me, I came to understand and believe them. I hope these powerful mantras for anxiety will also help you.

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“If it was meant to be, it will be.”

Every time a significant life event or decision came into my path, I started to sweat droplets. Through my nervous ramble, I could always count on my mom to remind me of one thing – destiny. Regardless of the religious connotation, this phrase has impacted me a lot over my life – now more than ever.

Whenever there is a job interview or anything of the like, I remind myself that if it were part of my destiny, it would come to fruition. Otherwise, it was never in my cards for that particular time. Now that I am an adult, I can state this mantra for anxiety on my own.

Either way, why stress over what is out of your control? All I can do is do my best and then wait to see what comes of my hard work.

“You are the last coca cola in the desert”

I suffer from low self-esteem from time to time like the rest of you. Whenever I feel like I am outside my skin, another of my mom’s reminders keep me still.

When I was younger, I went through a severe insecure stage where I wore lots of baggy hoodies and sweaters in unflattering ways (not in the cool way that urban fashion has it now). My mom and grandmother always tried to implant that I had the power to see myself better.

My mother would tell me, “Nena! Pretend you are the last coca cola in the desert.” Her advice meant that I should exude confidence that said that I knew I was the IT girl.

This mantra for healing the self image goes off the notion that people tend to be thirsty in most soft drink commercials – especially being in a landscape that is dry.

The metaphor is that you are a refreshing beverage. In fact, not only are you a cold, fizzy, and sugary Coca Cola, you are the only one available amongst many thirsty people.

Being scarce like water or fresh air makes you that much more valuable – so appreciate who you are and know that you are special.

Cotton Striped high waist pants

“Fake it till you make it”

The quote is another mantra for anxiety as it is an extension of my mother’s Coca Cola metaphor. Only this one is more about conducting yourself in a professional atmosphere. There are many challenges that make us feel insecure or give us a kick of imposter syndrome and that is where this mantra comes in.

Whereas my mother’s mantra for self-image had a more Latin flair, this quote geared toward portraying myself in meetings, people at work, and opportunities that arose in the office.

I don’t know where this mantra for anxiety came from but it has helped me accept my insecurities and pushed through them to achieve a goal or task. By doing so, I would eventually not need to fake it anymore as I would eventually become that person.

As a result, coworkers would eventually label me as the panther in the office for my strength and “fearlessness” no matter how I truly felt inside.Cotton Striped high waist pants

“Refocus on what you can control”

Anxiety has a way to make you harp on the outside world. Worrying about a problem and the aspects you do not control is exhausting. There is only so much you can do when you are facing a dilemma or a situation that requires a lot of attention. Instead of focusing on everything, go specific.

That is what this mantra for anxiety will do for you. Take you outside yourself or the situation so you can rationally weigh what are the facts. Are you concentrating on what hasn’t happened? Do you have the full story? Are you feeling overwhelmed because you are unprepared?

Focus on the aspects of a problem you can affect. What can you do and have you done everything you could think of? If you have conjured up every option and tried it, let it go. Doing so will help you sleep better knowing that you exhausted all your resources to elevate a situation for yourself and those around you.

Cotton Striped high waist pants

“You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. Real power is sitting back and observing things with logic. True power is restraint. If words control you, that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.” – Warren Buffet

I have a habit of being a hot-headed Latina. Sometimes, that side of me can be convenient when facing sticky situations that need an extra push of resilience and personality.

However, more often than not, I waste unnecessary energy that can make the situation worse. This mantra for healing has been an eye-opening, life-changing quote that reminds me to calm down, and rethink the situation.

Though a recent discovery, Buffet’s quote will be a work in progress over the years especially since I have an established habit of reacting emotionally. Little did I know that by letting them do so, I was easier to manipulate.

Knowing that weakness inspired me to be stronger. Afterall, I don’t want to be a puppet! Carrying that hot button on my head is such a burden. I want to be free from that.

Cotton Striped high waist pants

The OOTD Breakdown

I have a weakness for high-waist pants. These striped ones are no exception. Lately, stripes have been really flattering on my newly 30-year-old body and I am not complaining. This particular one from Forever 21 is comfortable, flattering with its pattern and best of all – petite friendly! I highly recommend them.

I paired these wide-bottom pants with a simple black tank top since it was warm outside; however, if you are still going through a blazing winter, you could easily pair this with a long-sleeve bodysuit for warmth. There was a little breeze outside that gave me chills despite the 60-degree temperature so I opted to put on a sheer, floor-length cardigan from FashionNova.

I was able to snag this mini book bag from Boho Chic on sale several weeks ago and have been using it ever since – even to work (Unless I need to carry more, then I used affordable, chic bookbag)! It’s compact and very comfortable for my neck since I have been experiencing some pain.

Boho Blu bookbag2
Boho blu bag
Boho Blue book Bag

Don’t be afraid to pair navy with black. Though it seems like a fashion no-no, it is completely ok to do so now!

To bring some of the navy color back up to the top half of my body, I wore these Target earrings I got for Christmas from a family friend. I also mirrored this tactic with my shoes where I brought down the black with my black mules.

Target Bauble Earrings
I hope my mantras for anxiety were helpful and that you all enjoyed this look!

Do you have a mantra for anxiety?


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