Lively Bralette for Large Busts

Best Bralettes for Large Busts

Today I reveal my journey in struggling to find a bra that didn’t make me sick or uncomfortable. As someone with a bust of 32 DDD, I am happy to have found a brand that sells bralettes for large busts.

When I tell people about my undergarment struggles, they say: “That’s a good problem to have.” Of course, that is a positive outlook but when you are the one throwing money at continually trying to find a bra that does the basics – it becomes frustrating.

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My Background

I have had bras altered and ripped. I have thrown money at the best bras on the market to get one that 1.) Doesn’t spill over and 2.) is COMFORTABLE!

Who would have thought that would be so hard? Evidently, the only wireless bras of my size come with a patch over the nipple… for breastfeeding! Really? Is that my only option for wanting to wear wire-free bras?

Chloe and Isabel Necklace

Bralettes are wonderfully comfortable as they do not strain your shoulders and can stretch. The only problem is, the most common on the market cater to 34C and below. Bras that have a band of 32 and above a DD are nonexistent; if it does exist, there’s something wrong making it not fit my petite frame.

Because I have a small torso, the wire bras tend to puncture beneath my rib cage when I sit. Guess what I do eight hours a day – SIT!

By the time I leave work, I am sweating from the pain. The wires of the bra would have evoked acid reflux and a nagging sharpness underneath my rib cage. Once I arrive home, I take off the bra and then have to lie in my bed until the discomfort subsided. It is a bizarre occurrence that I have yet to find anyone else experiencing.

Lively Bralette for Large Busts

Discovering bralettes for large busts

For a while, I took a break and just wore sports bras. I was so fed up with bras in general that I didn’t care that you could see the straps inside the neckline of my top. I just wanted to be supported and comfortable until one day, I took a chance.

Lively seemed to say all the right things with its advertising and the price was not astronomical; in fact, they were downright affordable. The company sells a variety of bras but the best seller at the time was bralettes.

Despite not having a size bigger than 32 DD, it was the closest I had ever found on the market. Eventually, Lively did come out with a 32 DDD (which I also snagged) and is even better.

Lively Bralette for Large Busts

This brand is the first I have ever encountered to make bralettes for large busts. So if you sneered at the women at Target grabbing all the cute A-cup bralettes, sneer no more! Lively is here!

Lively bralettes for large busts are soft and stretchy. The band adjusts all the way down which is perfect for my small shoulders. Usually, with big cup sizes, the adjustment only goes halfway which is unhelpful.

Second, the band sits underneath my breasts instead of puncturing my organs – two thumbs up!

Lively Bralette for Large Busts


If you are apart of the Mi Style Su Style family, you might have seen me wear another bralette before; and you are right! In that particular OOTD, the bralette was more fashionable than functional as it had lace embroidery underneath the sheer blouse.

My Lively bralettes look more like actual bras rather than fashionable undergarments that are meant to be seen. Additionally, these bralettes for large busts is way more functional than that Forever21 lace piece.

Boho Blu Bailey Cardigan

Current Drawbacks

Though these Lively bralettes for large busts are sleek and chic, I wish the seams in the middle of the cups were less visible. I also would have loved to have the cups thicker to not radar how cold you are in a room.

Lastly, I wish the straps were wider so that I could have more support distributed WITHOUT removing the real estate for adjusting the straps.

Since I have purchased my bralettes, it looks like Lively has launched even more supportive and comfortable pieces. I need to try them!

The Additions

Because I love these bralettes for large busts so much, I invested in Lively’s WIRELESS and strapless bra. The strapless is AMAZING. It is hands down, the best I have EVER found for us large-breasted gals. It DOES NOT slip!

I repeat: Does.Not.Slip!

As my wallet catches up,  you all should review Lively’s selection! Though this post is not sponsored, I do have an affiliate link. For anyone that wants to support me, you can click here.

Boho Blu Bailey Cardigan

The OOTD Breakdown

The Chloe and Isabel necklace is the same piece I wore in my previous post: 5 Tips to Look Polished for The Office. Lastly, the Bailey Cardigan is a definite must-have from Boho Blu. It is absurdly-soft!



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