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Alexander McQueen Pink Suit Dupe

At the Fit at the Barbershop 3 movie premiere, Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper wore a slick, pink suit by Alexander McQueen. If you don’t already know, McQueen blazers range from $2,500 -7,000 alone. Of course, you can drop that amount on a blazer; but if you rather put that in savings, look no further as I have found an adorable Alexander McQueen Pink Suit Dupe.

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The price tag

Whenever you chase affordable options, there are sacrifices in quality and the fit. For the average, hard-working woman, we need fashionable options that match our budgets. I would never drop five grand on one article of clothing. However, if that is your jam, rock on sister!

For those of you that are on the same financial boat, I have found an Alexander McQueen pink suit dupe at Target! For under $100, I was able to snag the matching blazer and pant. Target didn’t have my pant size. So bought the pants a size bigger since it was only $16.

The material

The only setback is that this Alexander McQueen Pink Suit Dupe does wrinkle easily. I would highly suggest using an iron rather than a steamer. For this photoshoot, I thought steam would be enough to do the job. As you can see, there are some wrinkles left. Despite that, I still received multiple compliments on it anyways.

If you are short and petite, you will have to either hem the pants or roll the legs up. Additionally, the pants run big in general so I would size down.

Though Eve’s McQueen is of higher quality and delicate fabrics, Target’s all-cotton pink suit set is a cute alternative. After all, no dry cleaning needed and it is super affordable.

How to style

You can wear pantsuits different ways depending on the cut of the cut and style. The smaller your boobs are, the easier it will be to style any blazer in a chic and elegant manner. Alternative However, the bigger the bust, the more the suit looks like it is from Miami, Florida. Both looks are not bad but if you want chic and elegant, it is harder for the busty.

I love the feminine silhouette of this Alexander McQueen pink suit dupe. For this post, I wanted to style the blazer differently than in the past. Especially since I have spent months in bulky, cozy sweaters covering up my figure. Thus, I took this opportunity to style the pink suit sexy.

If you want to tone down the sex appeal, wear a bralette or a tube top for more coverage. Additionally, you can wear each piece separately to work for two different pink outfits.

For work, throw on a blouse or cami to professionalize the suit so you can wear a comfortable bra underneath. Definitely do NOT walk into the office looking like me in these pics!

What do you think of this feminine Alexander McQueen Pink Suit Dupe?


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