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The Importance of Self-Defense for Women

Self-defense is 70% mental and 30% muscle memory. Understanding how to navigate serious and dangerous situations as well as feeling empowered to set boundaries is an essential aspect of protection. Remarkably, this strength does not come easy which is why it is crucial to take tailored self-defense for women.

Learning self-defense over the years has been the most uplifting, rewarding, and empowering revelation. Showing women how to move, choke, strike, and kick is not only fun but has provided me a massive lift in confidence and motivation. Every woman, young and old, should learn how to defend themselves for any scenario.

Because April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I felt compelled to write a post that I hope inspires you to take a class. I’m telling you, it is life-changing and if you take it seriously and are dedicated, you will walk out more confident, educated, and strong.

Guillotine choke

Situation dictates a response

You may feel more empowered in certain scenarios to respond back with physical force. For example, some of women may not think twice about striking back a stranger that jumps out of bush; however, if that attacker happens to be your brother, uncle or some other close member of your circle, you have to shift your mindset to determine what amount of force is necessary. Every situation is different and will require a corresponding response.

That’s where the mental skills kick in. How do you communicate to de-escalate a situation? What is the safest place to park? How can you keep a mugging from turning violent? All this and more are part of self defense for women.

Learning to navigate between communication and force is empowering. Understanding these principles will really help with the anxiety that comes with being overwhelmed by the intensity of a moment. In my self-defense classes with my husband, we have our students visualize these concepts of violence so that they can train their minds from staying in a state of shock.

Front valkrye

If a confrontation does get out of hand, that is where you rely on your trained reflexes. All of this can be taught and trained by consistently attending a proper self-defense class for women.

You have been dancing with a guy for a song or two, and then he disappears. Fifteen minutes later, he reappears with some shots and offers you one. You don’t want it, but he complains he spent money on them and that you should take it. What do you do?

You are walking to your car, and a stranger shouts over to you from afar. Though it is 3:00 pm, you still feel uncomfortable. What would you do?

A relative keeps patting your thigh, and you shrink at every touch. You have not established that kind of relationship with this person, and you want it to stop. What would you do?

Lions choke

The reality of protection

For women, self-defense is not memorizing a Kota or learning how to out-box a man. It is about dealing with real-world scenarios that center around abduction, rape, or domestic abuse. It is about fighting back from the ground, standing, against a wall, and in close proximity. It is also about defusing a bomb, avoiding traps, and setting boundaries.

The likelihood of assuming a fighting stance is not realistic. The attacker is not going to tap you on the shoulder and ask to duel. More than likely, you won’t have time to think – only react!

In particular, certain actions reduce the risk of rape more than 80 percent compared to nonresistance. The most effective actions, according to victims, are attacking or struggling against their attacker, running away, and verbally warning the attacker. –


Finding legit self-defense classes for women

Self-defense classes for women does help women break down a situation by physical instinct and intuition based on the specifics of a location (e.g., elevator versus a bar; alone vs a party) to gain advantage.

When finding a self-defense class:

  1. Search for a class geared toward women. Men and women fight differently when it comes to an abrupt and malicious attack. You cannot outbox a man, but you can outsmart him and use his body as leverage.
  2. Implements ground fighting as most fights will take you to the ground. Screaming and kicking like a horror film is NOT the way you want to go out.
  3. Ensure a class has trained for the mind and incorporates movements that are designed to attack back from the flinch response.
Front valkrye

For Sexual Assault Awareness month, I hope this post has motivated you to take your daughter, mother, sister, or girlfriend to a class!

If you live in the triad and are interested in self-defense classes for women, check out My husband and me strive to teach women of all ages how to communicate, analyze, and gain upper hand in every scenario. To find out how to attend or host a seminar, can also email


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