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How to Thrift Shop at Goodwill – 5 Tips To Start

Earth Day is on April 22. Therefore, I want to dedicate half of this month’s content to discussing how we can become more sustainable in our lives. From supporting good-hearted brands to understanding the weaknesses of the fashion industry, we can really make a difference in shifting demands for our fashion needs. The first topic being – how to thrift shop at goodwill.

Thrifting is one of the best things we can do for the environment and for our bank accounts. Not only are the pieces extremely affordable but you will be extending the longevity of a piece of fashion that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

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If your nose is already turned up at the thought of wearing used clothing, do not get it twisted. I have bought some nice clothing at a fraction of the cost. Additionally if you go to certain thrift shops, you can even snag luxury brands at unheard of prices.

Though I have only been thrift shopping for a year, I have gathered some tips from making mistakes and finding gold-mine items. Below are my tips on how to thrift shop at Goodwill.

Double-check each piece

Don’t get too excited when you see an Anne Taylor or Eddie Bower top for $4. Look at each inch of the garment for holes, shredded threading, and stains.

If you don’t, you will end up going home with a bag of disappointment. Trust me – I have been there! Inspection is key to having a good shopping experience.

Explore with sizes

Because clothes tend to shrink or expand after extensive wear, do not be afraid to explore a size smaller or bigger. Usually, places like Goodwill go by the size tag rather than what the item has morphed to be.

Get to know your thrift store

I read some thrifting blogs that recommend you visit a thrift store twice a week. However, I think that advice is more flexible depending on the location.

For example, my Goodwill near my house only has fresh items once a month. Otherwise, I find that even after two weeks, not much has changed. I am sure more urban cities may have more incoming donators than those in rural areas so just get to know your store and how they operate.

Additionally, if you like luxury brands you may want to look at thrift stores near posh areas of the wealthy. Another place you can visit is National Pawn Shop if you are looking for quality non-fashion pieces such as electronics. I wouldn’t recommend Goodwill for that because you can’t really try it in the store whereas places like National Pawn Shop do guarantee proper functionality.

Go Digital – Mobile Apps

If you hate the idea of going into a thrift store, and are much more of an online shopper – I feel you. I barely step foot into a store these days as well.

But you still have options. Apps like Poshmark, Thrifter and more are great ways to thrift shop the new and old.

Note that sometimes prices can be more online since people are selling it rather than a facility placing a general price tag for item each item type. However, mobile applications are a great way to get deals online for fashion, electronics, and traveling.

Try it on

Items always seem like they fit – until you try them on. Save yourself the trip or wasted money by trying on the clothes in you cart. Of course, if you do shop digitally, you won’t be able to perform this tip.

However, if you do walk into a thrift store and like a pair of pants or a dress, please ensure to try it on before walking out. I have found pit stains or holes that could’ve been avoided had I just tried it on.

The OOTD Breakdown

This bodysuit, tube top is from Boohoo. The high-waist, baggy pant was thrifted from Goodwill and is one of my favorites in my closet.

I brought back out the Amazon hat and paired this outfit with Target earrings I received last Christmas.

Stay tuned for more tips! April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, so check out my tips on finding the best self defense classes for women.



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